Double Victory/WWII By: Carol Najar & Katricia Lee

Women During WWII

"Women work for equal rights"

How were women treated?

  • Men thought women weren't capable enough to do a man's job
  • When the war started, women were needed by men to fill jobs in order to obtain the necessary war resources
  • Many advertisements were put up to encourage women to take the jobs
  • Women were not paid equally as men
  • Even unskilled men were paid more because of their gender

How did women respond to such treatment?

  • Women argued that "Equal pay is human right"
  • In October 1943, Women went on a strike for one week because the pay was not fair

Did women contribute anything to the cause of the war (WWII)?

  • Women provided military services (nurse corps, army, navy, coast guards, WASP, etc.)
  • Women would take their husband's role in a job which allowed the men to go to war
  • Women worked in industries producing munitions building ships, planes, etc.

What is our analysis? Opinion? Reaction to the action(s) taken by each community?

Based on how women were treated and their contributions to the war, we believe that the strike was something that was necessary to show that it was wrong to have a lower wage just because of their gender. Women had every right to be paid the same amount as men.

Mexican Americans During WWII

"Racism is NOT patriotism"

How were Mexican Americans treated?

  • Many Mexican Americans were discriminated against simply because of their race
  • They were an easy target to accused as criminals and weren't allowed fair trials

How did Mexican Americans react to such treatment ?

  • Mexican Americans developed their own subculture and invented a hybrid language called Caló influenced by zincaló. This was a way of showing resistance
  • A riot broke out in June 1943, called the "Zoot Suit Riot" causing mostly Mexican American teenagers to be beaten by sailors and marines

Did Mexican Americans contribute anything to the cause of WWII?

  • Over 100,000 contracts were signed between 1943 and 1945 to recruit and transport Mexican workers to the United States for employment on the railroads
  • Mexican Americans volunteered or were drafted to join the U.S military after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941

What is your analysis? Opinion? Reaction to the action(s) taken by each community?

Based on how Mexican Americans were treated and their contributions to the war, we think that the actions that they took were reasonable because they stood for what they believed in. It was creative that they invented a new language to show that the United States culture is not who they are.

Similarities Between Women and Mexican Americans During WWII

  • Both were allowed to have jobs
  • Both fought in the military
  • Both protested for their rights
  • Both were paid in low wages

Differences Between Women and Mexican Americans During WWII

  • Women did not create a subculture, while Mexican Americans started the trend of the Bonaroo look and invented new language. (Caló)
  • Women protested by going on strike and Mexican Americans protested through riots
  • Women were discriminated by stating that they were unqualified for a man's job, while Mexican Americans were accused of being criminals


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