Trench Warfare Survival Guide By: STeven Klinefelter


Trench Tool

Model 1910 Entrenching Tool, Public.Resource.Org, Creative Commons license

The trench tool is by far one of the most important items that a soldier could have in World War I. This is how the soldiers would build trenches. Using this they would also dig out holes that would serve as their living quarters on off times. These tools could also be used in hand to hand combat (Brosnan).

Gas Mask

L0058504 Gas Mask,Germany, Wellcome Images, Creative Commons license

A gas mask is a very important piece of equipment that saved many soldiers lives. In World War I, they often used chemical weapons that if inhaled, would kill you. The mask shown above is one of the more advanced ones, but the early ones were like bags and were very uncomfortable to wear (Brosnan).


WWI German Helmet, Thomas Quine, Creative Commons license

These steel helmets are designed to protect soldiers from shrapnel and any other deadly projectile. They reduced the head injuries by 75% when they became standard issue. They are very useful, because in the trenches, your head is the only really exposed part of your body (Brosnan).

Emergency Medical Kit(s)

German Field Medical kit, Thomas Quine, Creative Commons license

The medical kit shown above is that of German origin. The medical kits on both sides improved survivability drastically. As soon as a soldier gets injured they can apply first aid to hold them over until a medical staff got there (Brosnan).

Waterproof Boots

Micadew, Creative Commons license

The trenches were very muddy, and soldiers developed trench foot from standing in this mud everyday. Waterproof boots would not just keep you comfortable, but also would better your chances of survival (Duffy).

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