Sickening Social Media How Has social media become a platform for bullying?

Have you ever texted a rude statement to someone, possibly to offend them? Did you follow it by a “just kidding” because you didn’t mean it? Just because you said you were just kidding, doesn’t mean you didn’t hurt their feelings. Social media has become a platform where it is so easy to cyberbully someone. What you say about someone as a “joke” may lead them into depression, a disorder, or worst of all, suicide.

Malicious Media

Every second, someone will die. Every hour, that’s around 360 people dying in a minute. Around 3 of those people are killed by suicide. In September of 2013, one of them was known as Rebecca Sedwick. Her death, was a ruled as a suicide, when she jumped off a building. Her death was caused by social media when at least 15 girls, aged 12-14, cyber bullied her to the point where she killed herself. Guadalupe Shaw, 14 at the time, was known as the “CEO” of that group, who planned out ways for the girls to taunt Rebecca up until her death. Two of these girls were eventually arrested, one of them being Guadalupe Shaw, and the other being Katelyn Roman, but the charges were eventually dropped. These attacks were all through social media, even after Rebecca transferred schools, so it must be obvious how bad it was. When people bully now, they will do it online, because even if a solution can be discovered, a conflict will always happen all over again.

Lousy Language

Anna Saccone

Youtube is known as one of the first social media bases to surface, being a place where strangers can post videos of them doing an activity of sorts, such as lip-syncing to the Pokemon theme song, or recording a double rainbow. However, the website has become a place where people share their deep feelings to the point where it gets bad. For example, In July of 2016, social media star Anna Saccone, quit Youtube, due to excessive hate received because of her eating disorder. At 18, she struggled with an eating disorder, and she posted workout videos, and life stories on her page at that time. However, during this time, malicious commenters were trending a tag known as #saveobeseanna, referencing a workout video she had where she was getting fit with her personal trainer. YouTube is considered a job for serious creators, and a channel her size could easily make around $40,000 a year, which is not too bad of a pay. However, when she decided to quit, she lost a job. She did later come back but the video posted shows how people on social media will make fun of someone, even if they don’t mean it, by using words.

First image is of TommyNC2010, second image is of LeafyisHere

Meeting Makers

LeafyisHere, is a cyberbully channel on YouTube, and he is well known for his content that uses vulgar words in order to make fun of person, some as young as 12. One day, Leafy posted a video of him making fun of an autistic user on the website, TommyNC2010 under the title “THE MOST EPIC FEDORA MAN ON THE INTERNET”, or something along those bars. This video is long gone now, as Leafy eventually apologized, but it angered several. Tommy’s main goal on Youtube is to inspire people, and when Leafy mocked him in his video, Tommy later broke down. In a video titled “I’m getting death threats Leafyishere and keemstar, why?” uploaded by TommyNC2010, it depicts Tommy breaking down and crying due to all the hate he has garnered because of LeafyisHere and DramaAlert, another channel known for cyberbullying. Leafy was said to make around $60,000 a year at that time, due to his channel’s rapid growing pace, and Leafy began to lose several subscribers a minute due to this. LeafyisHere, who was a viral trend in 2016, is still making the exact kind of content, and it proves how once someone begins to cyberbully, they almost always will afterwards.

Cruddy Cyberbullying

Remember Rebecca Sedwick, the girl talked about in “Malicious Media”? Katelyn Roman, one of the girls who was arrested and charged with these crimes, now visits the place where Rebecca killed herself, and cries. “She must have slipped,” Katelyn says responding to this suicide. Social media was the big bullseye for this suicide, and it is no wonder what is doing to other teenagers around the world. The act of cyberbullying however, is growing as the world is getting populated, and more modern by the second. Now that social media exists, you can tell someone to die by direct message, and not by face. Cyberbullying is a crime… thanks to social media.

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