Earth Day Trenton S.

Earth Day

Trenton Spears

Tomorrow is Earth Day. If the earth could talk it would say don’t waste. It would say stay healthy. It would ask do you have friends? It would ask do you play any sports? It your food good? It would ask what is your favorite animal? It would ask do you have any siblings? It would ask do you have any electronics? It would ask what grade are you in? It would ask is your teacher nice? It would ask if you are good in school? That is what the earth would say if it could talk. Renewable energy is important. We need it it is important. We solar too so we have energy. Energy helps us stay alive. We can use it again and again. We use wind so we can have wind power. We need wind power too. We need money so we can help animals. So they can have shelter to live. Another thing is so they can have food to live. Another thing is they need something to drink to live. They need air to live too. They need all of those things to live. Earth Day is a holiday. Where people all over the world celebrates it on April 22nd. We use the three R’s on Earth Day. Recycle is when we make something else from something different. Reuse is when you use something again and again. Reduce is when we bring something down to a smaller extent. So try to do those things every once and awhile.


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