3rd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division Welcome Packet

Welcome to the Panther Brigade

On behalf of the Paratroopers of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, welcome to the Panther Brigade. Our foundation is built upon readiness, competency, and lethality as we train to conduct our mission to jump, fight, and win on any drop zone in the world.

You are about to enter the ranks of one of the world’s premier airborne infantry brigades. We stand ready to project national influence and protect American interests anywhere in the world within eighteen hours of notification.

Our storied heritage draws from the valor of Paratroopers who came before us and fought in the skies and on the ground in Europe, Vietnam, the Dominican Republic, Grenada, Panama, Iraq and Afghanistan.

We are excited you are joining the team and a smooth transition is important to us. Prior to your arrival, visit the Army Career Tracker website and fill out the online forms to help us match you with the right sponsor.

Spouses and children of incoming 3rd Brigade Paratroopers are warmly welcomed into the Panther Family. Have your spouse sign up with the 3rd Brigade Family Readiness Group to connect with resources and knowledge available to aid in their transition.

Our Nation expects every Panther to be ready, competent, and lethal. When our nation calls, it will find the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, and you, prepared to jump, fight, and win on any drop zone in the world.

Welcome to the Panther Brigade.

Col. Art Sellers, Brigade Commander
Command Sgt. Maj. Reese Teakell, Brigade Command Sergeant Major

Greetings from the Panther Family

On behalf of Col. Arthur Sellers, Brigade Commander, and Command Sgt. Maj. Reese Teakell, Brigade Command Sergeant Major, welcome to the Panther Family.

The Panther Family is a community of spouses actively supporting one another by providing assistance, knowledge and support to current and incoming family members of 3rd Brigade Combat Team paratroopers.

Whether it is your first or your final assignment, we understand transitioning to Fort Bragg and the 82nd Airborne Division can be a challenging experience and an intimidating process.

Visit Panther Connect and provide us with as much information you have regarding your paratrooper’s assignment. With that information, we can link you into a Family Readiness Group able to provide you tailored support and specific information.

Sign up for the Panther Post to receive updates about the brigade’s operations and events directly in your email inbox. You will also receive timely, official information directly from the 3rd Brigade leadership about developing situations and missions.

During your transition, reach out anytime you have a question or concern and we will do our best to find the answer or connect you with a local civilian or military agency able to provide assistance.

Together, members of our Family Readiness Groups face the unique adversity and challenges that come with being the family member of a Panther Brigade paratrooper. We share laughter, tears, fears and joy as a tight-knit community.

Welcome to the Panther Family.

Capt. Herman Wu, Brigade Family Readiness Liason

Find the 3rd Brigade Combat Team Headquarters Building on Google Maps

STEP 1: Learn the 3rd Brigade Culture

The Panther Brigade is Ready, Competent and Lethal. Click below to learn more about the brigade's culture and mission to be prepared to jump, fight and win on any dropzone in the world.

Step 2: Download and Complete These Checklists

These checklists are designed to ensure you fully integrate into the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, your battalion and your company.

Download the appropriate checklists and arrive to the brigade with hardcopies of each to be filled out.

Step 3: Sign up and Attend the Brigade Welcome Brief

Click the button below and submit your contact information to receive updates about the next Brigade Welcome Brief.

Every new 3rd brigade paratrooper, regardless of rank or duty position, will attend a Brigade Welcome Brief within 30 days of arrival.

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3rd Brigade Public Affairs Office


The Welcome Packet for the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division based out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

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