Descriptive Writing By Ethan

Hi, my name is Ethan Connal I am 13 years of age and I am a Samoan Cook islander. I come from a very close family of four this being my Dad, Mum, Brother and I. My name Ethan comes from the famous actor Ethan Hawke.

Where I am from

With a dark blue background and fifteen bold stars that represent all the exotic islands and a union jack in the top left corner, all this together makes the Cook island flag, I am from the Capital city in the Cook islands and that is Rarotonga (Avarua) my home away from home.

Where I live and my school

I live in South Auckland Papatoetoe, and I attend Papatoetoe High School at this school we have three values and they are be respectful, be responsible and be a learner these are the goals we PHS students live up to. I am currently a year 9 student at this school there are four group houses which separate all the students at PHS these houses are Pohutakawa, Kowhai, Kauri, and Rimu I am in Kauri house our house colour is blue.

My dream is to win the lottery here's why. From an eighteen dollar triple dip to a whopping 6 million dollars all this could be done within twenty-four hours, all your dreams and aspirations of buying things you could never afford to purchasing it without a dent in your bank account all this could be done just from buying a ticket at your lucky local lottery store.

This is who I am and what my dreams are even though some may not come true I look forward to what's ahead of me and all the challenges I will come across.


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