Global warming And how it effects sharks

Global warming may seem to only be affecting polar animals, such as polar bears, but it also threats other animals that may seem unlikely to be affected by the globes significant increase in temperatures. A great example is the shark.

An unlikely animal facing global warming's threat, The shark is under an attack that is forcing them to adapt.

Global warming is the heating up of and/or the increased warmth of the globe.

how earth becomes warmer

Global warming is forcing one of earths oldest creatures, sharks, to adapt to new waters. The first sharks lived in warmer and more acidic water-water that modern day sharks aren't used to. Because of climate change, sharks are being forced to adapt

One way sharks are affected is the fact of climate change. Sharks are being forced to adapt to warmer and more acidic water than usual. Global warming has the power to wipe some shark species out into extinction. Some other species, however, can survive, but will be endangered. In other words, global warming could cause a dramatic decrease in the number of sharks.

Another way sharks are affected is because of acidic water. This was proven to reduce the tracking and attacking behavior of sharks. Not only will sharks either be less or more aggressive, but their tracking behavior of food is reduced, which could cause them be more hungry, or could make them eat more animals, which isn't good for fisherman or the food chain for the ecosystem.


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