Venezuela Michelle, Daniel, Jeffery, & Mae :P


Caracas, Venezuela

Fifa World Cup should be placed in Caracas, Venezuela. This is because of the many tourist attractions located there including Morrocoy National Park, Angel Park, Mochima National Park, and Simon Bolivar's birthplace. The urban population of Venezuela is %88.99 in 2015. The rural population was %11.01.


Our Logo

We chose to make this our Venezuela Fifa logo. It represents Simon Bolivar, who helped free Venezuela from Spain. The golden parts that look like leaves and the red and gold borders are supposed to resemble the clothing that Simon Bolivar wore. The trophy is there to show relevance to the Fifa World Cup.


Government: Federal

Leader: Nicolás Maduro

Nicolás Maduro (Venezuelan President)

How Citizens Participate: Oligarchy

Economy Type: Venezuela has a mixed economy that is closer to command. Command economy is a economy where the government has most power over economic trade.


Venezuela’s government would support the World Cup. This is because it's an oligarchy, therefore the government would allow it since their rules aren't as strict like others. Unlike places like Cuba, Venezuela is not a communist country. If it was, the idea would not be welcomed. It would also be allowed because it would help the economy. By hosting the game in Venezuela, businesses will boom and thrive with the amount of money they will make. Hotels, airports, malls, restaurants , tourist attractions, etc. will make the most money and that will be good for the government and workers. Lots of people from all over the world will come to see the game. This means airports will be very busy along with hotels. When you go on a vacation you might usually eat out instead of cooking so restaurants will also make more money. In result, the Venezuelan government will allow the FIFA World Cup to be hosted with open arms.


Created with images by Marcio Cabral de Moura - "Pelicanos em fila / Pelican in a queu" • alexandersr - "venezuela bandera flag" • Marcio Cabral de Moura - "Pelicanos ao Pôr do Sol / Pelicans at sunset"

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