Affordable Housing and Slum Upgrading Scheme Surabaya, INDONESIA

PROJECT OVERVIEW: Affordable Housing and Slum Upgrading Scheme is a future project in Surabaya, Indonesia, based on SDG 11, target 1. The program will address the challenge of high-cost housing in Surabaya. Competition between developers, local politics, and extreme income inequities in Surabaya account for the uncontrollable rise in housing prices. Prices in Surabaya have risen each year and are now at the highest growth rate in Indonesia, at 6,68% annually. Meanwhile, Indonesian cities are growing faster compared to cities in other Asian countries. According to the World Bank, about 68% of Indonesians will move to cities by 2030. This means more people will migrate to Surabaya, Indonesia's second-biggest city and an economic hub in east Indonesia. There are also 150 hectares of slums in Surabaya. If Surabaya city fails to address these problems, new informal housing and slum communities will emerge. It is important to integrate the middle and low-income communities with high-income communities to create a healthy city ecosystem.

CATEGORY: Professional SETTING: UrbanĀ STATUS:Future project

BY:Fransiska Tirtoadisurja, UN SDSN Youth - Local Pathways Fellow

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: This project will involve low-income communities in a participatory project because community participation is extremely significant in Indonesia. This project was born after the completion of the Local Pathways Fellowship.