Beerlist Villaggio bcn 2018

Ales Agullons (Cat)

Roca i Carbo - Pale Ale. 5% Alc.

Beer brewed with add of honey, rose petals and Litchi Chinensis

Pale Ale - Pale Ale. 5% Alc.

Classic Pale Ale from Masia Agullons.

Dalmoru - Wheat Ale. 5% Alc.

Wheat Ale with fresh aroma where floral hops are highly present with wheat and yeast note.

Weizen - Weizen. 5% Alc.

Barrica Cerise - Pale Ale Barrel Aged. 5,5% Alc.

Pura Ale where the second fermentation and maturation was in oak barrel for one year addeding fresh cherries.

Almogàver (Cat)

Bandida - Saison/Farmhouse. 6% Alc.

Classic inspired Saison, slightly aiming to a farmhouse profile. Golden coloured, creamy foam, strong bodied. Brewed with barley, wheat and rye malts, satys dry and fine, with a slighlty refreshing acidic note. Spicy aroma, peppery, with some citric and fenolic hints.

Akelarre - Helles Rauch. 5,7% Alc.

Straw pale, light bodied german inspired beer, always fascinating. The high carbonation helps the bready and beech smoked aroma coming out the glass, keeped fresh by the long lasting creamy white head. Balanced, sessionable ends up medium dry.

Vicious - Ipa 5,3% Alc.

IPA for “vicious” people. Embracing and intense. Ripe white fruit aroma, with hints of blueberries, tangerine, papaya, pineapple. White and compact pearlaceous foam, slightly carbonated, bright yellow coloured, clear aspect. Fruity taste, herbal ending in a sharp dry bitter finish. Low alcohol for the stile, near to a sessionable one, thought for the spring that's coming.

Mokumba - Belgian Coffee Blonde. 5,7% Alc.

Brewed originally as a collaboration, this is a deep golden beer in color with a white creamy head. Belgian inspired blonde beer, classy, clean and surprising, with a charmy coffee, esthery aroma due to the single-origin Ethiopian and Kenian coffee beans blend, coupled with belgian trappist yeast and cold infused Bourbon vanilla beans. Rounded flavoured, velvety, with honey and vainilla notes, ends with a delicate coffee acidity and hints of chocolate and red fruits.

Birrificio Barley (Ita)

Zagara - Amber Ale with orange honey. 5,1% Alc.

In 2007 a new beer, impressioned by the use of organic orange flower honey, was added to the Barley range, offering a delicate leaning towards elegant citrus flavours and perfumes. Zàgara presents itself orange in colour with a creamy head, tight and persistant. the nose experiences an explosion of orange and spices, whilst the palate enjoys the malt, orange and a finale of dry hops, which renders this beer both extremely quaffable and thirst quenching.

Macca Meda - American Amber Ale. 7,8%

Macca Meda has a pleasant fresh aroma followed by imposing notes of white grape, orange and apricot. On the palate citrus and bitter notes harmonize with a touch of spice followed by an explosive aftertaste with contrasting striking peppery notes and a distinct dryness. The main artificer is First Gold, a dwarf hop which originated in England and is cultivated in Belgium in the Poperinge area.

BB 7 - Italian Grapes Ale. 7% Alc.

With his outstanding beers with sapa provided by several varieties of vines in his beloved Sardinia, Nicola Perra was the founder and the forerunner of an all-Italian style that is conquering the world. His strong innovative talent literally explodes with this BB7, eldest child of a new project, for which he has experienced and applied a novel technique for a beer by adding soft pressing run juice from local aromatic grapes, then made to concentrate by vacuum evaporation at low temperature.

BB 10 - Italian Grape Ales. 10% Alc.

Our up-and-coming brewers do not have a tradition to follow and are completely free to experiment with unusual ingredients, restricted however to the territory of production, Sardinia. This is the case of young Sardinian Nicola Perra, who has used the wort of Cannonau grapes (a famous Sardinian red wine) to develop BB10. A naturally winy beer with warm and sumptuous aromas of caramel, cocoa, prune, morello cherry and strawberry grapes and a taste which is rich with caramel, chocolate, liquorice, prune and quince as well as sweet dried fruit like figs and sultanas.

Buxton Brewery (UK)

Myrcia - Session IPA. 4% Alc.

Oatmeal Hopburst Session IPA - brewed with 15% oats and 10% wheat for a really full body and creamy mouthfeel. Very low bitterness but hopped and double dry-hopped with even more aroma hops than Axe Edge. Although Myrcia was originally brewed in May 2016 as a collaboration with our friends Dry & Bitter, Denmark, this beer is a new recipe for the 2017 release.

Patersbier - Belgian Ale. 4% Alc.

A Belgian pale, the first in a series of beers inspired by the grand traditions of Belgian brewing. The Patersbier, or Father’s Beer.

Axe edge - IPA. 6.8% Alc.

Our full flavoured, strong India Pale Ale. Now hopped with Amarillo, Citra and Nelson Sauvin. This beer has a pale straw-amber body, and pours with a full creamy head. Its complex flavours include mandarin orange, schnapps, pineapple, and juicy tropical fruits. It is warmingly alcoholic with a dry finish.

Brasserie de cAZEAU (Bel)

Tournay Blonde - Belgian Ale. 6,7% Alc.

We wanted to produce a blonde beer, with too not strong an alcohol percent, with personality but above all remaining well balanced. To prevent it from being overly hopped, we had chosen four American hops, coherent between themselves, and subtly dosed. And to give our beer body, we opted for a malt charge of 100% barley malt, without any other cereal, nor any added sugar.

Tournay Triple - Triple. 9% Alc.

Tournay Triple is seductively strong … Triple beers traditionally contain more malt, and are therefore stronger. But the original idea behind Tournay Triple was to produce a very hopped beer rather than a strong one. To respond to the bitterness of the hops, we therefore had to brew a solidly-built beer, whence the choice of a high alcohol content (more than 9% ABV). Although we had quickly succumbed to the very particular flavours of the New Zealand hop, Nelson Sauvin, many tests were necessary to find the right marriage with other hops, including the English Fuggles, and Cascade, which is the hallmark of all our beers except for Saison.

Tournay Noire - Belgian Stout. 7,6% Alc.

Savour it with your dessert - with an ice cream and spéculoos, for example - and close your eyes: it’s like entering a torrefaction workshop … This beer is the favourite of the brewer, who has always adored stout. “But I mean real Stout, not oversweet gassy liquids!”. With an aim of finding a fairly marked coffee after-taste, we have chosen to use the most torrefied barley malt that can be found on the market - Black malt at 1400 EBC. As this malt is a bit acrid, we have “corrected” it by using another slightly caramelized malt (150 EBC), and some brown sugar. So that the hops can exist alongside these strong caramelized and torrefied malt flavours, we have mainly opted for the strong American hop, Tomahawk.

Cazeau Saison - Saison with Elderflowers. 4,6% Alc.

Originally, season beer was a beer brewed before the summer and intended for summer-season farmhands. It had low alcohol content and a marked bitterness that made it really refreshing. We wanted to offer a truly seasonal Season with production limited in time.

Cazeau Sour Session - Sour Beer. 6.9% Alc.

Nose is metallic but also lovely sour oak, almost lambiek-like. Taste is lovely sour puckering oak, almost lambiek, nicely thinned out sour metallic, acidic bark. Very nice shame about the prominent metallic note in the taste regardless still really pleasant surprise.

Cyclic beer Farm (Cat)

Xino Xano - Berliner Weisse. 4% Alc.

Xino Xano is our spring/summer seasonal release. We use a traditional no boil Berliner Weisse brewing method, 50% organic Belgian malted barley, 25% Belgian malted wheat, 25% Spanish flaked wheat, co-fermentation with our house yeast and lactic acid bacteria, then finished with a big dry hop addition (variety varies). Tart, tropical and refreshing, it's perfect for quenching your thirst. Best drunk after a long cycle or at the beach overlooking the sea!

Farmhouse IPA - Saison/Farmhouse. 5,5% Alc.

Farmhouse IPA is a Belgian style farmhouse beer with a modern twist that uses 55% organic Belgian pilsen, 35% organic Belgian pale malt, 10% flaked oats, a large dose of late addition hops, fermented with our house yeast/brett mixed culture and dry hopped. It drinks like a aromatic IPA but with a farmhouse/saison twist. Dry and thirst quenching for those sunny Mediterranean days!

De Dochter Van de Korenaar (Bel)

Blended Oak Aged Embrasse - Belgian Strong Ale. 9% Alc.

An 9% ABV beer in which the fermented sugars were all obtained from malt (20 degrees Plato). A generous dose of hops and a long maturation time makes this beer best of the best. This beer is bottle conditioned and will go through taste evolution during many years. Matured for a quarter of a year on a selection of whisky casks

Belle Fleur - IPA. 6% Alc.

Belle-Fleur India Pale Ale. The pure taste of hops

Finesse - Tripel. 8,5% Alc.

Finesse is a soft 3 triple-grain with barley, wheat and rye malt, with a slightly sweet, spicy hoppiness.

Passe Partout - Session IPA. 3% Alc.

Low in alcohol, rich in flavour

L'Ensemble Barleywine - BarleyWine. 13% Alc.

An all-malt barley-wine, double mashed to obtain 27 degrees Plato; two brews, blond and dark brewed seperately and blended in one fermenter, where it was fermented with both beer- and wine-yeast. Dry-hopped lightly one day before bottling. A beuatifull red coloured-beer, rich and full with a scent of cherries

Charbon - Stout. 7% Alc.

A Superb dry stout with vanilla and smoke notes. Brewed with a portion of Weyermann Oak Smoked Wheat Malt, and whole Madagascar and Réunion vanilla beans that have been added twice during the brewing and maturation process, for extra complexity. This ensures ’Charbon’ is a very pleasantly drinkable dry stout, with an interesting aroma and flavour to treat the real beer enthusiasts.

Foglie d'Erba (Ita)

Babel - Pale Ale. 5% Alc.

Hopfelia - I.P.A. 6,7% Alc.

Farmhouse Ale - (Saison rustica con delicata ma decisa fresca acidità). 6,5% Alc.

Tillerman's Wake - Pale Ale with Black Chinese Tea. 5% Alc.

Bock - 6% Alc.

Gipsy Hill Brewing Co. (UK)

Dodger - Lemon Sherbert Sour. 5% Alc.

A traditional kettle sour, with late citra hops in the boil and dry-hopped with lemongrass.

Galaxy - Pale Ale. 4,3% Alc.

Galaxy is a part of a single hop series. Built around the hops, the grist is simple, designed to pull out the nuanced flavours of Galaxy.

Hepcat - Session IPA. 4,3% Alc.

Hepcat is in the know. A session IPA with big fruit, juicy notes and a light, jazzy malt body. Liberal kicks. Hops: Mosaic, Citra, Motueka, Equinox Dry Hops: Mosaic, Citra, Equinox.

Guineau (Cat)

Latutud 41 - Lager. 5% Alc.

Dangerous drinkable beer!

Easy Slide - Session Ipa. 4,3% Alc.

With body but dry and easy to drink, profile resins and aromatic

Dr.Calypso - Half Ipa gluten free. 5,2% Alc.

Light-bodied ale but ‘enhanced’ with generous amounts of hops. Citrus and floral long flavor. It is our tribute to the Ska-Reggae-Soul band from Barcelona after more than 25 years making people dance

Esgarrapats - IPA. 7,5% Alc.

Resinous aroma with fruity flavour in mouth. Light malt body although its 7,5% vol. Long integrated bitterness with 150 ibu that will scratch you without notice.

Lolly Sour - 5,7% Alc.

Sour Beer aged in Castanyer barrels for two year.

Chocolate Milkshake - Collab. with La Quince (SPA). Imperial Stout. 9% Alc.

It's our classic Chocolate Black Velvet but with added lactose that gives him an extra creaminess that leaves a dense texture in the mouth. Habitually the infused cocoa gives it a strong character, which in this case is softened by lactose that tunes the whole.

Red Numbers - Imperial Red Ale. 13% alc.

Imperial Red Ale with a dense body, sweet but not too sweet, with the sweetest point of candy, aged in red wine barrels that give you complexity and micro-oxidation, which still make this style so uncommon but so interesting

Birrificio Hammer (Ita)

Riverside – Pale Ale – 5.2% Alc.

Golden Pale Ale brewed with a mix of Pale and Pils malts and fermented with an American yeast strain. The hop profile is the result of a combination of hops from different countries: Tettnang Tettnanger (Germany), Fuggle (UK), Cascade and Centennial (USA), which give the beer unique flavours going from grassy and earthy to flowery and citrusy. Extremely quaffable and complex at the same time.

Workpiece – Smoked Baltic Porter – 6.5% Alc.

Low fermentation beer produced with smoked malt on beech wood, toasted malts and oat flakes. Full body, dense, oily, with smoke in relief and accompanied by notes of toffee, caramel, chocolate and coffee.

Killer Queen– Double IPA – 8.0% Alc.

Light copper coloured Double IPA, extremely hoppy and deceivingly strong. Dextrose is added to the mash to provide further dryness and enhance the intensely aromatic notes of the American hop varieties Simcoe, Chinook, Centennial, Columbus, Citra and Amarillo.

Wave Runner – American IPA – 6.5% Alc.

Our take on an American style IPA: pale, dry and very aromatic. The explosive hop profile comes from American varieties (among them Simcoe, Amarillo, Citra and Centennial) used at different stages of production that give back a unique bouquet with mango, apricot, peach and citrus overtones.

Moor Beer Company (UK)

Hoppiness - IPA. 6,5% Alc.

Cask, Special; What started out as a little bit of fun quickly became the favourite of many die hard ale fans and has become permanent. Probably best described stylistically as a Californian IPA, this beer has all the rich malt and fruit flavours of a Barley Wine combined with the hoppy crispness of a Pale Ale. And as best said by one of its biggest fans, "Hoppiness = Happiness."

Illusion - Black IPA. 4,7% Alc.

Style: Black Ale Draught ABV: 4.7% Illusion is our latest creation, which is inspired by the awesome new beer style created in the States known as Imperial Black Ale. We really admire the profile of this new style but wanted a session strength version. We brewed ours at 4.5% instead of the typical 8%+, but wanted to retain the unique flavour profile. We sourced the special malt required from Germany and the hops from America to create a beer of stunning depth and complexity. The beer is black in appearance but lacks the acrid flavours associated with all other dark beers. This is achieved through use of the special German malt. The hop aromas and flavours are very intense, which we achieve through a major dose of dry-hopping in the cask. The result is a beer that wraps all the wonderful hop profiles of a pale ale inside a silky black exterior. It is truly an Illusion that deceives your eyes and dazzles your taste buds.

Juicy Jones - Collab. with Guineu (Cat). IPA. 6,5% Alc.

Be careful, after a couple of sips you will get a gones for this juicy IPA with mango and passion fruit... Tomahawk, Citra, Simcoe and Mosaic will do the rest!

White Pony Microbrewery (Ita)

December Flower - Winter Strong Ale. 13% Alc.

Brewed at Brouwerij Het Nest (BEL). Winter Strong Ale dry hopped with orange peels and coriander

Ehy Man Let's do a Beer - Pacific Indian Saison. 7% Alc.

Aquavit barrel aged

Voodoo - Hawaiian Stout. 6,2% Alc.

Brewed at Brouwerij Het Nest (Bel). Stout with toasted coconut and cacao beans

The Oracle - Belgian Barley Wine. 10,7% Alc.

Brewed at Brouwerij Het Nest (Bel). Our The Oracle was thought as point of meeting between english barleywines and belgian quadrupel, it’s fermented with Trappist yeast.

Black Sheep - Imperial Stout. 10,1% Alc.

Brewed at Brouwerij Het Nest (Bel). Belgian Imperial Stout

STE (Strongest Than Ever) -  Barley Wine. 15,1% Alc.

Brewed By Brouwerij Het Nest. The king of our extreme beers, your lullaby! An american barleywine style ale brewed with an absurd amount of malts and balanced with US and european hops. A beer to drink sip by sip, full of toffee/caramel and yellow tropical fruity notes. For the right way of meditation!

Dead End American - Rye Amber Ale. 6% Alc.

Hopped with Citra, Chinook, Falconer’s Flight, Amarillo.

The Prophet - Belgian Strong Golden Ale. 12,5% Alc.

In the ancient indigenous cultures people thought that a prophet would come back to save us, we hope so, but we trust we have to save us, and this kind of light coloured quad is our tribute to the saviour, with its full malty body and the nice spicy floral hints from the hops.

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