Beautiful Creatures movie vs. book

Book Trailer: Beautiful Creatures

Movie VS. Book: Beautiful Creatures

In the book Beautiful Creatures Ethan Wate lives in a small town called Gatlin where nothing new happens and a new girl, Lena, moves to town. No one likes her because she is different from everyone else in the school, but that is why he find her intriguing. It takes then a while then they eventually become friends and fall in love.

In the movie, Ethan Wate lives in a town called Gatlin and a new girl, Lena moves to town. They become friends and fall in love with a few obstacles in the way.

Differences in the movie: In the book, it goes into more details about Ethan dream. It even includes what he would smell. In the movie it only talks about the dream in the beginning. When the author describes Lena it says that she has really green eyes and how sometimes they look like electricity.

The book gives you a more vivid details with all the imagery the authors put in there. Also, you get a better understanding on what Ethan is thinking and how he feels.


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