"Your car goes where your eyes go.simply another way of saying that you make your own destiny " (

It is a great thing to create our own destiny. But sometimes it's not the write way to do owe own destiny. But it is good to have your destiny thought out and helped to improve it. But some times it's good to make your destiny on your own.

"We are the creators of our own destiny"(

I think it means we choose how to live our life. Because of this we determine what our future looks like. We can't have others how to create our destiny for us. But it is sometimes wise to have us guide us throw ower own destiny.

"Your car goes where your eyes go"(Denny pg 78)

I think this quote means you go the way you look. So that means keep looking forward to go forward. So you may be looking at your path but there will be a little but of trading from the path you have so it's ok to sometimes keep your eyes of the path you go. But if your path has not been on corsefor to long then you might have a new goul and path to take.

"Today is the first day I'm not dead"(Eve pg137)

I think this quote means to live your life to the fullest becuse you never know when it's about to end. And it can also mean is life pushes you down keep getting back up and pushing back. It means keep fighting and never give up. But then there are some fights that you can't win but keep trying even throw it's a aredy decided Mach.

"Beware,I thought. The zebra hides everywhere." (Pg 67 Enzo)

I think this quote means that deception and lies are everywhere. It also means that everything is not trustworthy. So if the zebra hides everywhere that means people lie all the time. But if people lie all the time then how do you know the truth.

But even though we lie there are some good times to lie too. But true to the quote "the zebra hides everywhere" even though it's not bad all the time. So some times it's good to be the 'Zebra'.

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