Scientist Travel Deep Below the Ocean's Surface By anna m.

A submarine with 3 scientist working for Conservation International traveled deep into the oceans waters. Then they discovered something no human has ever seen: Cook seamount a 3,000 foot underwater volcano that is no longer active. Seamounts are active or inactive volcanoes that come from the ocean floor and do not rise above the ocean's surface.

Seamounts attract many different sea creatures and many new species since seamounts carry nutrient full water from the ocean floor. They also might contain valuable metals like nickel and cobalt. Conservation International wants to study 50 seamounts in these next 5 years. “We don’t know anything about the ocean floor” said Peter Seligmann who runs Conservation International.

On september 6th a steel submarine plunged 3,000 feet below the ocean's surface to Cook seamount for the second time. Almost as soon as they reached the top of the volcano life began to appear. There were 2 rare octopuses. One of them turned white to pink then red! Also there were starfish, eels and sharks. And in this 3 day expedition they discovered 2 other seamounts and one of the seamounts may become Hawaii's newest island because of volcanic activity pushing it up.

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