Hitting Replay What are Community High students listening to this week?

Alex Davis

“Steely Dan [1977]. It's a duo of two dudes. They do a fusion of classic rock and jazz. I think currently my favorite song is probably ‘Deacon Blues’. It's just a nice song to put in the background of anything. It's a chill song. Not much happening. It's got a pretty wicked baseline.”

Adarsh Tummala

“‘TOES’ by DaBaby. I just like the vibe. When he says something about ‘ice cold’ and 'brr' you know, that's hype. I listen to rap music in the morning because I need a wake-up. I need something hype, I'm not gonna listen to some sentimental [stuff]. DaBaby wakes me up. Like, that's just the mood.”

Roberta Gatti

“Marina and the Diamonds, ‘Primadonna’ in particular. There, I said it. I love singing along to her music, her songs are fun and catchy.”

Owen Kelley

“My favorite song of all time is 'I’m Yours' by Jason Mraz. I just don’t get sick of it. But right now, I love 'Cold Cold Man' by Saint Motel. It’s kind of like pop… but it’s like real music. There are no electric sounds. Also, 'Bad Boys' by Inner Circle. It’s my spork theme song. Whenever I go to spork somebody, I blast it.” (Owen is now out of the spork game. )

Luke Andoni-Savas

“I like a lot of DaBaby, 'BOP' in particular. I had it on repeat, but it got kind of old. It’s on my 'get something done' playlist.”

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