The life of sumo wrestlers The hard life of sumo WRESTLERS

There are many traditions in sumo wrestling. The sumo wrestlers sip sacred water, they also throw purifying water into the ring before an intense match. The referee dresses like a Shinto priest. A Shinto shrine hangs above the ring. When the sumo wrestlers enter the wrestling ring they clap there hands together to summon the gods. I'm sure there are many other traditions because there are just some of them.

Sumo wrestlers aren't born big so they have to bulk up which means eating lots of meat and other foods. Sumo wrestlers also have there own special type of meal to help them bulk up. It's called chankonabe. Chankonabe is a stew served in a giant pot. This is an important diet and meal for the wrestlers to help them get bigger and stronger in order for them to fight well.

Sumo wrestlers wake up early in the morning usually beginning around 5:00am. They train long And hard in hope to move up the ranks of sumo. The unfranked wrestlers begin there training before the others. Each of the stables have there own ring for the wrestlers to practice and train in.

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