Lesson8-1 through 8-4 Jalin gist and miracle murphy

8-1: adding and subtracting polynomial, a polynomial is monomial each called a term of the polynomial. A binomial is the sum of two monomial. A trinomial is the sum of three monomial. Example is (2x2+5x-7)+(3-4x2+x). First you distribute the terms that are outside the parentheses and multiply it on the inside and then you combine like terms. Thenyou will solve the problem.
8-2: multiplying a polynomial by a monomial. Multiplying a polynomial is kinda the same as adding a s subtracting but not xactly the same. An example is -3x2(7x2-x+4). First thing you do isdistributd and then u will combine like terms and then solve the problem.
8-4 multiplying apolynomial, while doing this lesson, you can use the the acronym FOIL. The F: first term, O: outer term, I: inner term and L: last term. .
8-4: the square of sums + differences, the square of the sum(a+b)2=(a+b)(a+b). The square of a difference (a-b)2=(a-b)(a-b). The product of a sum + difference (a+b)(a-b)=(a-b)+(a+b)


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