Vaginal Ring By: Ashanti and wesley

1. Who uses this method? Females use the vaginal ring method.

2. How does the method work to prevent pregnancy? The ring releases hormones that prevent ovaries from releasing eggs.

3. How does an indivial use this method? You leave the ring in for 3 weeks, then you take it out for the 4 week, and start the process all over.

4. Do you need a prescription or is it over the counter? You will need a prescription for this.

5.Does this method protect against an STI? No, it doesn't protect against an STI.

6. How much does it cost and how effective is it? It costs $30-$80 a month and it's 91% effective with typical use.

7. How does it compare to other methods? It's more affordable and more effective than most methods.

8. Advantages - May protect against ovarian cancer, may protect against pelvic inflammatory disease, and protects against ovarian cysts, your weight is unlikely to be affected

9. Disadvantages/Side Effects- Nausea, May Get Headaches, May Cause Changes Mood.

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