The saint of my birthday: St.Florian Leon downey

Saint Florian was born around 250 AD and died 304 AD. Saint Florian is the patron saint of Linz, Austria; chimney sweeps; soapmakers, and firefighters.

Saint Florian is celebrated on May 4th.

Some interesting facts about Saint Florian is that he died by drowning, he is the patron Saint of Firefighters and chimney sweeps, he was a martyr. The reason why he is the patron saint of firefighters is because of the legend where he put out a fire with a bucket of water, hence the firefighters. And the reason that he is the patron Saint of chimney sweeps is because the chimney sweeps were seen as a profession which helped to protect homes from outbreaks of fire.

Saint Florian please keep our firefighters safe as they go and safe lives as God does. Please keep them safe as they do this hard job. Amen

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I haven't given nor received help on this work. Leon Downey

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