Police Weaponry Callie Russell & Daisy Lazaro P.1

TYpe 54 Pistol

The pros of this pistol are quite extraordinary: it is quick to reload, has a large magazine, and is very concealable, meaning easy to hide. Since it is easy to reload, you can quickly reuse it without a bad recovery time. Possessing a large magazine means that it can store more bullets than a standard pistol. It's a good thing that it is concealable because if a cop is undercover, they can hide it easily in a coat, on their belt, and it's not extremely heavy. Because of the reasons explained above, the pistol is a revolutionary weapon.

The cons for this weapon is that it is prone to jamming, the moving parts are difficult to maintain. On the other hand, the pistol has an amazing feature known as the safety lock. The good thing about this is that when the lock is on, the gun is incapable of firing. Now, back to the cons, if the user unconsciously leaves the safety lock on, the gun has the ability to accidentally fire. Having a weapon that is prone to jamming is inadequate because if you self defense is needed while your gun jams, you will be dramatically perilous than when you would have a working gun. Anything with a lot of moving parts could be a bad thing because it's more to clean, and harder to maintain, and if it jams, there's so many things to check. Safety locks are on guns and most weapons to begin with, because some people are not responsible and if the pistol gets kicked or falls off of something it could go off and possibly hurt or kill someone. The reasons stated above conclude the cons of owning a pistol.

The pros to owning a taser gun are that it will subdue an attacker without a high potential of killing them, safe and causes only a low incidence of serious injuries while de-escalating attack situations, a less lethal force option for incapacitating attackers with a well placed shot, and can stun someone from about 10.6 meters away. People have been killed by the use of Tasers. However, firearms kill people a lot more often. Most Taser deaths were due to improper usage of the less-than-lethal weapon, but other than that it's the better alternative.

The cons to using a taser are If used on someone who has drugs on their system it can kill or hospitalize them, it can raise the heart rate and cause cardiac arrest on some people due to ventricular fibrillation, could be used irresponsibly, the use of tasers amounts to cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.

Does knowledge or progress ever become a moral liability? Yes and no, because knowledge of a certain weapon and owning it keeps you prepared and makes you capable to defend yourself and your family. The knowledge is key on knowing how to use it wisely and safely. No, because some police or people in the force don’t have morals and abuse their authority in the wrong way and take advantage of the system. They could also cause injuries or kill someone or themselves or others on accident because they didn’t know what they were doing or wasn’t safe with the weapon.

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