Design for Manufactuing William McBride

What is Design for Manufacturing (DFM) ?

DFM is the process of designing a product while keeping the process of manufacturing the product in mind. This ensures that products are physically capable of being built and can be efficiently manufactured.

3D Model of Apple II Computer


I used the Makerbot Replicator+ FDM 3D printer to create a model of the Apple II computer. 3D printers are additive manufacturing machines that use heated plastic to form the desired shape. The two types of 3D printer are FDM and SLA. SLA is more precise, but more expensive. I used DFM techniques in my SolidWorks model by ensuring that the details of my model weren't smaller than the resolution that the printers could print at.

Laser Cut Map of U.S.A.


I used the VersaLaser 4.60 laser cutter to create a puzzle map of the U.S.A.. CO2 Laser cutters are subtractive manufacturing machines, that use carbon dioxide powered beams of light to remove material very precisely. I used DFM techniques by creating a sketch rather than an extruded model in SolidWorks.

Model of Apple II Monitor


I used the SRM-20 CNC mill to create a monitor for the Apple II mentioned above. CNC machines use subtractive manufacturing to create the object desired. They use a spinning bit to remove material and carve out the desired shape. I failed to successfully use DFM techniques in my SolidWorks model because a few details were too small for the drill bit to cut out.

Before and After Model Video


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