Burrowing Owl Athene Cunicularia


The Burrowing Owl is very small. An adult is normally only about 20cm tall and weighs approximately 150g. The owl is brown with white flecks and has big yellow eyes. It can make a hissing sound to mimic rattlesnakes.


What is at risk?

  • Habitat Loss
  • Habitat Fragmentation
  • Pesticide use on agricultural land

What is being Done?

  • Reducing activities that destroy habitat
  • Educating landowners about the burrowing owl
  • Monitoring population size





Created By
Aaron Thingelstad


Created with images by sussexbirder - "Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia)" • sussexbirder - "Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia)" • Annette Herz - "Burrowing Owl family" • sfbaywalk - "Burrowing Owl" • ddouk - "burrowing owl birds owls" • Annette Herz - "4 Burrowing Owls and a giant squirrel"

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