Should NCAA players get paid?

Should NCAA players get paid

There are many different sides to this controversial topic. On one side the players get free schooling throughout their sporting career, on the other side most of the players don't have enough food to last them the week. What should we do? What is right? And how will we fix this? I believe that NCAA players should get paid. Coaches play a huge factor in the success of a team but the players make it happen and risk their lives to perform in each game. Will they have enough equipment?

Players don't have enough money to keep themselves fed through the week in the video “Schooled: The price of college sports” a player on the team stated that he had to ask his couch for food because he didn't have enough to eat off of that week. If you have ever played a sport you know how important your diet is, eating the right foods at the right time are a very important part of staying healthy enough to perform well. Eating the wrong foods because they are cheaper can have a huge impact on a player, He or She will be sluggish, not as fast and can get ill much easier. Not having enough food can also cause all of the same symptoms as well as fainting. If NCAA players received money for performing they could not only stay healthy but perform in a faster more accurate fashion. This will not only be beneficial for the players but the couches as well if they are doing well in the season they will make more money and who doesn't want that.

NCAA players risk their lives for each game they attend. In our world the people who risk their lives for others get pain a pretty penny for example firefighters risk their lives to save millions of people. The marines risk their lives to save our whole country. NCAA players risk their lives for our entertainment yet no payment? A NCAA Basketball Player Kevin Ware broke his leg this will effect him for the rest of his life. He is not being paid. His medical bills will fall on him. Hundreds of players over the years have had life threatening injuries or injuries that will affect them for the rest of their lives. What is sad is since these players can no longer play they become a distant memory they are left with medical bills and a constant reminder of who they were before they got injured. They will never be the same. How are they supposed to move on with their lives knowing that their whole life is flipped upside down by playing a game. How are they supposed to pay with the damages done to them and the endless hospittle tripes. NCAA Players need to be paid they are risking so much and receiving so little this in unfair and wrong.

Couches are the biggest part of a team they teach each playing how to perform in a correct and effective manner without couches their wouldn't be a team and their four colleges wouldn't receive the money from sports that they need to keep the school going and offering the programs that people need for a brighter future. If NCAA players got paid their would be less money for the right equipment that the coaches need to prepare their team for games. Without couches NCAA and all other sports out there would be at a loss they wouldn't have enough times space or equipment to challenge their team to be better and make it to the top. Couches then wouldn't receive any money the fans would leave and the NCAA program would be shut down.

NCAA players should be paid. In order to fix this dilemma there would need to be a budget players coaches, equipment, space and time will need to be divided into groups where coaches get paid for doing their job by preparing their team for games. NCAA players should be paid for performing taking time from their studies as well as risking their lives daily. Their should also be money to pay for equipment and proper gear for the team. In conclusion NCAA players can be paid in a effective way that will work for everyone. You need a plan organisation is key. NCAA players deserve to get paid.


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