War of the Roses By molly bahr

House of Lancaster : red rose

House of York: white rose

Henry VI was a big part of the House of Lancaster, he was mentally ill.

Edward IV took the throne from Henry VI, he believed he could do a better job.

Richard III captured his two nephews and killed them in the Tower of London so they were not able to take the throne

Battle of Bosworth- Henry Tudor killed Richard III at this battle, ending the War of the Roses

Henry VII became the first king of Tudor after killing Richard III, marries Richard’s daughter to form an alliance, founded the House of Tudor


Created with images by pipilongstockings - "War of the roses RIP pops x" • Josch13 - "red rose rose rose bloom" • koudy-vw - "Rose" • Karen_O'D - "Throne" • p_a_h - "Richard III" • David Holt London - "National Portrait Gallery London 043 Richard III" • dullhunk - "The War of the Rosé at the Battle of Bosworth" • Dun.can - "Burghley House"

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