4B25 Rosebud Summers My Trip From Lithuania To U.S.

I wanted a new start. I wanted to turn over a new leaf some may say. So here is how it began... The ship was terrible with stinky people that were not that nice. But it was all worth it when I saw that statue. Beautiful and blue that statue of liberty, I even cried when I saw it. In fact, my whole family cried when we saw it. So maybe our Ellis island adventure wasn't the best. We had to stay there for 1 month due to my illness, I had lung problems. They put a P on my shirt, I saw other people with markings like E, H, N, etc. After being in quarantine my family and I decided to grab our luggage and move to a small village in Illinois called Evergreen Park. It is peaceful and there is un-smelly, kind people. Now I'm a author, and I am writing a book called My Trip From Lithuania To U.S. I start with this: "I wanted a new start. I wanted to turn over a new leaf some may say..."

Above is my old flag. Below my old map.

The statue of Liberty is in the New York Harbor. It has seven rays for the seven seas and continents. Made originally out of copper. They finished it on October 28, 1886.

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