Jets By:Blake mott

What are the best type of planes flying around today?That's right, you guessed it, jets. Get ready to learn the history of jets, modern day jets, and how jet engines work. Let's jump on this learning train and start learning!

How turbofan engines run, is a fascinating process. The turbofan is run by a fan which spins to collect air to power the engine.

When the fan turns, it generates electricity. Then the electricity powers a heater which heats the air that got sucked in.

Next the heated air goes out of the engine creating thrust that moves the plane forward. This is why turbofans are an astonishing piece of technology.

The first jet was made for world war 2.

The Germans made the first jet in world history. It was made in 1942 and was called the Messerschmitt me-262 and its job was to aid troop with supplies.

After that plan failed, it served as a fighter jet in the German army. This is the origin of the Messerschmitt me-262.

Modern jets are very high tech.

The top ten fastest jets according to are, sukhoi su 47, Lockheed, Saab JAS 39 gripen, F/A -18 hornet,

f-35 lightning 2, dassalt rafale, chengda j20, eurofighter typoon, mikoyan MIG 35, and the F-22 raptor. The SR-71 is a supersonic jet that can get to Mach 2. These jets are very modern.

Jets are fascinating with their bold history, latest models, and great engines. Jets are an amazing piece of technology that are used today. In conclusion, jets are an impressive branch of planes.

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