A Long Way Gone

Sierra Leone is bordered by Liberia and Guinea
Sierra Leone provides large amounts of diamonds.
Located in West Africa
Sierra Leone is now a constitutional republic.
RUF was a force that wanted to change the government of Sierra Leone, but turned into a group of people that used child soldiers and hacked of people's limbs to strike fear into the people of Sierra Leone.

The civil war in Sierra Leone started when the RUF along with Liberian rebel forces attacks the Sierra Leone army. They fought for over ten years for control of the government. Child soldiers were used to fight the wars because there weren't enough people to fight.

Pakistan uses children to do normal jobs due to poverty.
Children in Yemen are used for normal jobs due to poverty, but are also used as armed guards and for sexual exploitation.
Children in Nigeria are used for normal jobs due to poverty.

Countries such as India have put laws in effect banning the use of children as workers. There are also global marches against child labor. Governments are also helping parents to earn more money so that their children don't have to work.

The UN believes that children should not be used as soldiers in the first place but if they are they should receive help and be rehabilitated.

Ishmael Beah is 36 married and living a good life. He went to Oberlin College. He wrote his book by just telling his story beginning to end then editing it.


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