At a time when the whole world feels decidedly off-kilter, The Photography Studio at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design examines “Askew” presenting over 20 visual interpretations for our audience.

While the concept of Askew means crookedness as a general definition, in the world of visual design it means so much more. Such as an oblique composition, something unsettling or off balance, a strange concept or an unusual colour. The exhibition ‘Askew’ includes work from our first-year and second-year students, our photo staff, and the instructors from the Photography Department.

In the exhibition you will find portraits, landscapes, light paintings, abstracts, black and whites, surreal and analogue film images. We invite you to explore these images and concepts, contemplate each photographer's approach and please leave your comments in the guest book for the artists.

Kailey Swan – Burning with Creativity, 2020
Christophe Basque - Rolling Thunder, 2020
Jaimie Arnold – Once Upon a Dream, 2020
Liam Endresen – Marlo, 2019
Holly Brown Bear – Dissociative Daydream, 2020
Noah Claremont – My Love is On Fire, 2020
Pierre Bellefleur– Come Play With Us, 2020
Hannah Vanden Heuvel – Hearth, 2020
Jules Keenan – Show Day, 2019
Curtis Kelly – Distant Memories, 2016
Riley Renouf-Collett – Unfold the Mystery, 2020
Georgia Morgan – Clouded Minds, 2020
Karen Ruet – Bubble, 2021
Crystal Drew - I’ll Be In My Room 2020
Holly Noël – Monsieur Cow, 2020
Lisa Metz – Tiny Dancer, 2020
Hailley Fayle - #JustSayIt, 2020
Noel Chenier – Waves, 2011
Ian Humber – Court, 2020
Erin Chassé – Nip Slip, 2020
Kc Parlee – March 2020
Aiden Jamieson – Falling In, 2020
Rod Stears – Bad Dream, circa 1974
Drew Gilbert – Opening Up/Closing In, 2020