How we express ourself By Aryan

A public display of works of art or items of interest, held in an art gallery or museum or at a trade fair.

This is the slide and the number 8 which someone displayed and we are taking photos on the slide and the number 8

This is a army tank which works little bit

i Learn't that how we can express myself in different ways in art forms and in making things

This is when we were in the jehangir art gallery
Brad played the guitar

He said he liked to play the guitar because he thinks the strings chords express his feelings for him because the sound come out according to his mood and feelngs

Aditya played the piano

Aditya likes playing the piano because he likes the sound which comes out he likes playing fast and slow he can play the piano when he is angry and happy

Neel played the cajon

Neel played the cajon he always had a hobby to play percussion instrument because he liked how it sounded and it was fun to play it and he liked playing fast instruments and few percussion instruments were suppose to be played faster

Zeal played the tabla

From seeing all these musical instruments i understood that you can express yourself really well because the way you play it fast or slow the chord you play if you are happy or sad you can feel really nice and calm and then your body starts moving and you express yourself

This is the tuning in reflection

My two choices were

Dance- Because it helps us express my feelings

Music- Because the tune makes me feel in the rhythm

My team mate are

Aashna 5B Myra 5B Mrinalini 5E Isha 5C Aryan 5A We are in the same group because we share the same interest

This is are mentor meeting

Before when i joined this group i thought that i will feel lonely because i was the only boy but now i am getting along very well and i think that we are friends

Inquiry Research rubric

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