London: Jarred and Arielle's Big Day Out Reporter: Jarred Bromley

The typical Big Ben and Double Decker Bus Scene

London: Standing on the River Thames, London boasts the most populous City in not only the United Kingdom, but the entirety of the Proper European Union. Home to some of the world's oldest landmarks and historical buildings, London remains on many tourist wish lists to this day. From Big Ben to the stone-face palace guards to the live street performers, London never disappoints. Although I may not be a big city boy, London always excites me. So..... that is why you and I are going to take a trip into one of the most famous cities in the world, Cairns is at number one obviously. With so much to see and so little time, I will share with you some of my favourite things to do in this city and some of the must sees.

1. One of the "British Must-Do's" is: Take a picture in front of the classic telephone. You will be instantly recognised as a tourist, but that is exactly what we are! You have never been to England so you have to do it.

2. Another huge tourist indicator is the attempt to make a royal palace guard laugh his black, poofy and cooper-like hat off. Impossible but still hilarious.

3. No better view from London, than the London Eye itself. With it's breath-taking views of the entire city, this is something we can't miss.

4. After seeing other massive landmarks and other awesome things. It is time to settle down and rest a bit with some cheese tasting. (We can probably skip on the wine). No European trip is complete without tasting the world's finest cheeses. And no, they don't come out of a can.

Here is my birthday present to you. A day together exploring the big city together with some memorable moments to be made. I know how excited you are to come over and that gets me pumped also. I wanted to plan something big but not too crazy for your 18th Birthday. Something to remember. I'm sorry I can't see you on your birthday despite being so close, but it won't be too long until we can celebrate it together. I love you so much Arielle and I cant wait to see you soon.

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