Philly's #1 Spookadelic Band

House Plant encompasses the cosmic essence of FUNK paired with groovy PSYCHEDELIC vibrations to bring you a musical, theatrical, and radical form of expression that will blow your mind and leave you questioning reality! House Plant isn’t a band, it’s an EXPERIENCE!

House Plant's vibrant promotions are riddled with janky green screen effects. Generous sponsors always generate interesting characters (whether they’re real or fake). With every House Plant show, you can expect a commercial advertising the bands, the venue, and the “sponsors” - usually with an accompanying story arch that makes its way to the stage.

This spooky group of goofsters is dedicated to two things: To raise the world’s vibration and to spread the gospel of the Funk with their spookadelic-esoteric-funkatronic-probiotic-syncopation!!

House Plant Spooky Tunes

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