By: Yannick Tanyi

In this presentation, I will be talking about the origin of the name Indium, how it can be made, its Atomic Number, and wieght , and its uses!

  • Indium is a solid basic metal
  • Boiling point is 3,762 degrees F
  • Melting Point is 313.9 degrees F
  • At 20 degrees C it is a solid

Where is it found?

  • Indium is usually found in the ores of Zinc
  • The Indium metal is not usually produced in the USA, but it is imported from China, Russia, and Canada
  • It's a rare metal
  • It's rarity in the earth's crust is 0.1 part, per million
  • Only slightly more abundant than Silver and Mercery

When was it discovered, and by who?

Discovered in 1863 by Friedrich Reich, and Theodore Richter

Indium was discovered when the two scientist were looking for traces of the element thallium in samples of zinc ores.

Indium was discovered in Germany

Where did the name 'Indium' come from?

The name comes from the Latin 'indicium', meaning violet or indigo

What are its colors?

Color and some interesting facts!

  • Indium is the 61 most common source in the earths crust
  • Indium is a poor and soft metal, becuase it's melting a boiling points are lower than most metals
  • Indium is found in copper, iron, and lead ores
  • Indium is used in LCD Monitors, televisions, and display screens
  • Indium has a silver, white color
  • The primary use of Indium is to make low melting alloys
How can Indium be produced?

Indium can be produced when people refine or process zinc, copper, Tim, or lead. But it is typically found in the zinc ores.

It's electronic shells are 2,8,18,18,3, so that's what makes up the 49 electrons
LCD Monitor

Indium are sometimes used in LCD Monitors like this


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