Dorothea Dix By zach Driver

Mentally ill facilities/prisons: They were not in good condition for the mentally ill and in many cases made them worse. People there were not supposed to be there and some owed small fines and were there for many years. The ill were not treated but instead were just abused and whipped. Click here for the site.

State one of the major historical policies that attempted to deal with the social problem: Some people in the past have gathered evidence against the prisons to get them shutdown/modify the prisons workers, tactics, and how it looked and what it had.

What were the advantages of this policy: If this were to be done then the mentally ill would be treated instead of abused. People would be put in jail for what they deserved not more than what they owed or less. THe effectiveness of this would be great becouse then there wouldn't be wasted tax money on those that aren't actually getting treated.

The disadvantages of this policy are that it would take a good amount of tax money to change every prison and mentally ill institutes to be what they should be. Also if they take pills then it would cost more becouse getting pills cost a good amount and the threatening for them will also cost more.

Facts:The year 1841 marked the beginning of the superintendence of DR. JOHN GALT at EASTERN LUNATIC ASYLUM,. He thought of many good therapy ideas and of talk therapy.

I think that this was a good policy and that it could have been handled in a better way if someone could of come up with one. This policy had many advantage either way tax money was going to be spent and i feel people would rather have more of their tax money on something that's working instead of a lie and something that isn't doing what it should be doing for the people.

DOROTHEA DIX: She made the biggest contribution to this she is the one who sent time researching the prisons and facilities to find evidence to get them changed and to make it right so the ones who need help actually get the help

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