Tapping to Text

Definition: Typography is the art and technique of arranging type, type design and modifying type for easy reading and looking good.

Typography can be in designing a webpage, print page, flyers, wallpapers and a hole heap of other things.

Term there different fonts that can be use to catch peoples eye like bold, Underline and italic.

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The music industry is a great way to show what text can be used for. Katy Perry use’s a unique use of animated text in her film clips. We have been commissioned by your favorite music artist to create a lyrical film clip for your song choice. Using our understanding of “kinetic typography” and our skills in Adobe After Effects, our challenge was to make a tapping into text page “Tapping to Text.” In this project, We will develop more advanced tools using After Effects, utilize the camera layer and research special effects to apply to a polished and professional lyrical music film.

Typography Portraits
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Archie Damaris

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