The Year Off The five-year version

Year 1 - It's not about the money, it's about the Soul brother

Sow into music - completely immerse myself in a DJ-production, and hangout with musicians whoa re on a specific journey - it's about the funk soul brother...

Collaborate with friends who would carve out section of the electronic master-piece & introduce their own rhythms & beats

We'd be hanging out, recording, dancing, and playing, with the objective to getting people to bounce!

Go meet the people I admire in the industry & hangout

Year 2 - yield to the Accumulator and push the boundaries of your ability to leverage

Jump into a year where I'd have nothing but high buildings to develop

Actually pursue the property development & leverage out a portfolio based on adding colour, luxury & happiness to people as they explore public space / hangout / work / create / meet & ideate...

Grow from the leisure industry into mixed-use environments

I'd hang out with architects / interior designers / construction & civil engineers

Year 3 - give your Body a break bruv

the Sports year

Actually go and make use of my natural talents - football, basketball, tennis, to fun social activities like fuzbol, bowling, hiking, anything and everything outdoors, and take people along on the ride

Go show people beautiful landscapes & routes I've meticulously organised

The Mountains of Zakopane, Poland

Like a giant treasure hunt that allows people to discover clues & many of their own hints as we take care of their other needs

I'd hangout with travellers coming into...Cape Town!...& go do regular activities with them...

Year 4 - where curiosity & science meet

The Reccy Year

Stay in one place & completely hit every corner of it, explore, explore, explore & map in a scientific way every 'nook & cranny' of it so that we could help people discover the same aspects but in a very off-beat, out-of-the-ordinary-day-trip way of creating an experience.

Any preferably that I've fallen in love with

I'd hang out with yoga students, musicians, artists, and folks from various scientific backgrounds to get a sense of their ranging tastes & hints/tips on what's good

Year 5

The year I pursue all the little projects my mind comes up with, be it acquiring a new language, finishing off my exams, building out a business plan & automating it...

Learning everything that's required behind it to knock it GLORIOUSLY out of the park & look back with immense satisfaction

Hang out with startups, CEOs, people venturing out on their own & nailing life to the wall in THEIR way, their path & give them myself, my edge, my craziness

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