Immigration By jacquelin estrada

Immigration means the action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country. I will be talking about the ice police in texas. This issue affects me by my parents will not be with me. This issue will affect my family and country is that my family will not be with their children and it affects the community because they are going to be apart with their family.

This is affecting people by they were being deported and they were separate of their family.The lack of freedom people experience because of the immigration is that they will not be able to see their family.The issues still the same today because the ice police is taking people that do not have papers and they are getting away from their family’s.

50 years from now I think that the immigration will not be like this because there will be new president and maybe the president will not like to be mean and will like to show respect to other people even if they are different skin color. The new rights will be that they will not be mean and let other people be their even if they are a different kind of skin.

Some vital people i see are my friends and family members.What they did so they can help is that they are sending money to mexico so they can move and that to cheer other people.And 1 quote that obama said is”we define ourselves as a nation of immigrants that's who we are in our bones”.

What i can do to help even if i am young i can tell people to think positive and to take care of my family and go to the protest and also to try to tell people to not be mean with other people because of their skin color.And also i will tell people to be kind to other people and show them the respect u got .


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