My Goals and Dreams For Life

This is me. I want to be a marine biologist and be happy.

Here is a rare moment I captured In nature.

I wrote this today about a book I think everyone should read:

Everyone Poops.

Everyone needs to know that all animals poop, some poop on the go, and others clean up after themselves. Some have many pellets and others one big poop. Fish also poop, and that's why the ocean is gross. Dogs poop on your lawn and it makes you sad and makes your lawn smelly. Everyone poops, even you and me.

Another goal I have is to write great masterpieces like that one ^

Here is another masterpiece:

Wilbert the Goatsnail 2!

Shortly after our last story, the mayor of Goatsnail Hills, Somewhere, Merca; Mr. Applesauce the turtlehorse gave the savior of our last story, Wilbert the goatsnail, a Medal of Honor for his heroic deeds to the universe. When all of a sudden, Jimmithy the atrocious, diabolical porcupinelobster appeared and kidnapped the mayor and flew to the far reaches of the universe. Wilbert had to save Mr. Applesauce, but had to see an old friend, as old as a couple seconds. Wilbert rushed to see Bob, the rock with a face drawn on it for help.

Chapter 1

When Wilbert finally reached Bob, he and Bob had a very important meeting.

"Baaa baaaa snail snail baaa!" Exclaimed Wilbert.

"Baaaaaa snail!"

".... ...... ........" Replied Bob.

"......... .......... ......."


Wilbert knew what had to be done.

Wilbert used his goatsnail powers to shoot into the vacuum of space.

Wilbert was on another adventure!

Chapter 2

Wilbert was soaring through the stars and other gases when he stops by the nearby planet of Mers to get a snack, but on his way to the gas station, he encountered a mysterious figure. It seemed to get larger and larger, but it wasn't long until Wilbert realized it was getting closer and closer; Wilbert tried to run, but before he could, the shape emerged from the shadows. It looked very strange, then he realized it spoke goatsnail.

"Baaaaa baaaaaaa snail snail baaaaaaaaaa snail!" (Hello?)

Wilbert cried with fear.

"Baaaa snail snail snail baaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaa snail baa." (My favorite food is llama hair.)

The figure replied awkwardly.

"Baa snail baa?" (Who are you?)

Wilbert asked timidly.

"Schhhhhhhnyawwwwww waaaaaa baaaaaaaa!" (My name is trebliW the sheepslug!)

Said trebliW.

Wilbert had no idea what was going on.

He explained to trebliW how he was trying to rescue an imprisoned Mr. Applesauce and how canned llama hair is so much better.

After the long explanation, they set off to the gas station to buy canned llama hair before they set off to chase the mayor's captor. They then set off for the mayor's rescue.

Chapter 3

The two friends were zooming through the cosmos when they ran out of fuel and were forced to crash land on yet another nearby planet (wow, lucky) of Indoor. It was a rough landing that gave Wilber a boo-boo. TrebliW rushed Wilbert to the local hospital. Strangely it took a long time for trebliW to figure out that Indoor was inhabited by large duck people called qwerfv. He wondered why they immediately took care of Wilbert, he wondered how a primitive species like the qwerfv built a hospital, and most of all, he wondered how to pronounce qwerfv. Soon he figured out how to pronounce qwerfv and Wilbert's boo-boo healed. Wilbert thanked the helpful qwerfv and left with trebliW to a nearby spacecraft dealership, and trebliW, always late to realize anything, questioned why a primitive species has a spacecraft dealership. The owner looked offended.


The owner said.

TrebliW thought he figured out how to speak their language.

"Sdcffgbnjjuytrewsdxcvfdsaqwe" (Apple tree hugs make my brother nervous on Tuesday during leap year.)

Said trebliW.

The owner backed away slowly.

The friends decided to just take the cargo ship called "The Pancake".

Chapter 4

The two heroes set off into space to the next system of Apples where they stop to buy fuel when a space bird ran up to them, screamed some stuff at them and ran into their ship. They glanced at each other and shrugged. Then they just went to the store to buy fuel; the shopkeeper tried to attack them when their backs were turned, they saw the vicious shopkeeper and defeated him, then of course, they took the fuel for free. When they were heading back to the ship, they remembered the bird. They thought that it might have left by now, so they went inside, and to their surprise, there was the bird. They tried to lure the bird out, but there was no success. If she was going to stay, they might as well name her, they settled on the name John Cena.

Chapter 5

The friends set off for Jimmithy's lair on the cake planet, Rainbows to save Mr. Applesauce. When they arrived, the only landing spot was miles away from Jimmithy's lair, how would they get there? Wilbert and trebliW glaced at John Cena, who was sleeping in the corner. They woke her up, she knew what to do. The three friends rode across the vast landscape to Jimmithy's lair. When they were finally there, Jimmithy pounced on top of them from above. It was a surprisingly short fight with trebliW headbutting him. The heroic trio proceeded into the lair where they would find the terrfied mayor. After patrolling the halls for a long three seconds, the group found the imperiled mayor. They freed him and strolled out to freedom. Wilbert turned around to check on the mayor, but to Wilbert’s surprise, the evil turtlehorse attacked him! Wilbert warned trebliW and John Cena about Applesauce’s betrayal.


Wilbert warned.

TrebliW and John Cena turned around. The furious space bird took down the traitor in one slash of her beak. They rode back to the pancake and escaped to safety, but just when they thought they were safe, Applesauce jumped out at them and attacked! John Cena lunged at the maniacal turtlehorse.


Said the narrator.

It was an intense brawl and Wilbert and trebliW gasped when John Cena was launched into the corner by Mr. Applesauce. Wilbert went after Applesauce to avenge his friend. He was struggling to defeat the turtlehorse, trebliW realized and looked for thing to help his friend, he found his canned llama hair which he never finished. He chucked the hair at Applesauce, he struggled, this was Wilbert’s chance! Wilbert prepared an attack, but applesauce stopped struggling and revealed himself, it was Justin Beiber! Wilbert released the attack of goatsnail powers onto the evil teenager and knocked him millions of light years away. The friends returned to goatsnail hills where they found Mr. Applesauce. He explained how it was a decoy. But they had other things to worry about, they brought John Cena to the mayor, she had TWO BOO-BOOS!!! Mr. Applesauce worked a miracle and healed her, they all went outside and John Cena founded her own city, Wilbert taught trebliW the was of the force and became the best jedi ever, and Wilbert ate a million cans.

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