Considering a sexual health dissertation? part of the professorial masterclass series, by david evans, obe ntf

This session is part of the Professorial Master Class series, with Prof David Evans

This resource ...

... will be helpful to all of you who might be considering some sort of sexual or gender health theme, for your projects or dissertations. It is a supplement to the in-class / on-line or face to face and e-mail discussions so many of you have with me, especially after I have taught some sessions for you.

So, who am I?

Thinking about an idea for a theme and question?

Remember! You could be working on this project / dissertation for some time, so my advice is: ...

Choose something that really motivates you, something you are passionate about (to keep you going, when the going gets tough!)

Theme? Question?

Yes, first you need to think of a theme, and refine it into a open-ended researchable question.

Especially for bachelor students, your dissertations require you to analyse "primary research". You then use other people's (primary) research, published as peer reviewed articles, to answer YOUR question (making your review "secondary research").

What's in a name?

When it comes to matters sexual and / or gender, there are so many different issues, aspects and dimensions you might explore. An 'in' term at the moment is "Sexual Orientations and Gender Identities" (SOGI). Remember, also, there are all those hidden or "invisibilised" issues in sexual health, well-being, stigma and illness, too, such as those often covered by the Focauldian term, the "triple edit", of "taboo, non-existence and silence" (Foucault, 1984: 15). These topics might include - but are not limited to - abortion, Female Genital Cutting / Mutilation; various sorts of "kink"; inter-generational relations; sexual exploitation and slavery; commercial sex-work ... and other matters either not spoken about or those which are so readily pathologised in healthcare, criminalised by law, condemned by religions and / or stigmatised by cultures and societies.

Check the image below ...

In the three images below, they reveal a number of different ways for exploring sexualities (top left), or different sorts of sexual health services (which I designed under an "umbrella", for the RCN Sexual Health Strategy, back in 2001! - top right image), and so many other different understandings of the word "sex" and gender and sexualities, as shown in the bottom image.

So, when it comes to 'starting to think' about potential themes ...

... watch this brief video!

I hope this resource has been a help to you! Finally, checkout my 5* tips for achieving academic success in your work. Best wishes with your studies and every success!

Go on ... change the world: you know you want to!

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David Evans, OBE, is professor in sexualities and genders: health and well-being, at the University of Greenwich, a National Teaching Fellow & Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. He has a professional doctorate in education (sexual health in nursing education) and is a registered nurse (teacher). David has a number of web pages and learning resources, linked here: https://en.gravatar.com/davidtevans and he is active on Twitter @David_T_Evans

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