Florida Museum of Natural History By: Nicholas Baldwin

Nature on Display

The butterfly exhibit was very appealing because it's outside and you are able to immerse yourself in the butterfly's habitat. The design of the exhibit was very interactive because their was a binder in the middle of the exhibit explaining the different types of butterflies and plants in the environment. Without this part of the design I would not have learned as much as I did about the butterflies home and food and I wouldn't have taken as much out of the exhibit as I could have. Walking around and seeing butterflies living their everyday lives of eating and interacting gave me joy because I was able to enjoy the exhibit at my own pace and observe them on my own.

Nature and ethics

Walking through the museum and observing the exhibits gave me a sense of immersion in the nature community. The butterfly exhibit resembles this quality in every way. When walking through the exhibit I felt as if I could be myself in the habitat as represented in the picture. I felt as if I could be one with nature in this exhibit as I was coexisting with the butterflies and plants in their habitat. The museum was also very immersive in other parts, too, such as different audio booths explaining the way the earth was millions of years ago. This added to the overall relationship I had with the museum and with nature.

Nature and the human spirit

In this fossil exhibit, I was able to see the bones of extinct animals and imagine how they were when they were alive. The exhibit included the skeletons of the giant bear dog, three-toed dwarf horse, the extinct rhinoceros, the false saber-toothed cat, etc. This helped me step out of my every day life through imagining what it would be like to wander around nature with these extinct animals. The exhibit presented me with a mystery which led me to ask tons of questions like: "Did they coexist with each other," and "How did they become extinct?" These skeletons and their arrangement helps me understand who I am because I would be equal to them if they were still alive, just like I am equal to every other animal on this Earth. It makes me think how I would interact with these extinct animals.

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