Student Newsletter February 2018

Welcome one and all to the very first Student Newsletter! Presented and put together by Savannah and Renae. Thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope you enjoy.

What's Been Happening?!

At Kickstart we had the Colour Skirmish! Courtesy of Mrs Cook, as you can see everyone had heaps of fun and got covered in dye. The challenge was to see who had the whitest shirt, I don't think we stood a chance against the teachers! However, there was a few clever critters who managed to have a white shirt and in return got to spray the teacher they picked. Throughout the week we had a few visitors. Grant Bignell came to instruct us for NRL, in the end we had a few very interesting games. We had Helen Stephens from Dead Puppet Society teach us the way of making puppets, and on Thursday evening we had a puppet show. Then we had Craig Smith an Australian children's book illustrator teach us how to draw like professionals. Finally, we were lucky enough to have the Charleville Pool lent to us by Mick and Sue. Thank you for again an amazing Kickstart.


Dusty, one of Renae's dogs
Peggy-Sue, one of Savannah's dogs


Here are two stories written by the Year 1s, one about Down Rock and Blood Gobbler and the other about Princess Chuggles' adventure
The Year 2Cs combined ideas’ using the 'Seven Steps of Writing' to create a class story about Sasha and Jessie James
The Year 4Cs have been coming up with a list about what it means to be kind.
So far in the 7B Maths class has developed a list of behaviours to ensure everyone has a go and does their best in class.
In the Year 10 Science class phenotypes have been the topic for Unit 1, phenotypes are the physical characteristics of a living thing. Which is why we had to draw dogs.

Book Recommendations (brought to you by Ms Juniper)

Do you like reading? Do you want to know what books to read next? Here is a list of new books in Charleville SDE's library to read.

Website and app recommendations


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