Cold Brew Coffee Recently cold brew coffee is becoming the only coffee being sold all around the world

  • Glossary:
  • Filter: a mechanism that removes impurities from a substance.
  • Brewing: a process when coffee is mixed with hot water.
  • Pasteurize: when a substance is sterilized making it safe for consumption.
  • Hot bloom: process when coffee is mixed with hot water to begin extraction.
  • Steep time: the time you coffee is in contact with water.
  • Oxidize - To chemically combine with oxygen

How is Cold Brew Coffee Made?

Cold Brew Coffee is pretty much iced coffee says Merlin Jobst, A team running a cafe in New York says it is filtered and brewed with hot water. Grounds are placed at the bottom of a jar and covered with cold water. It takes about a good to 24 hours to complete extraction. It is then stirred and covered to then be refrigerated. When extraction is complete it is strained into a large bowl to remove large grounds and put back into a jar through a sieve. It is usually served over ice with milk and sugar traditionally but to each his/her own. Therefore this is why the trend has grown.

How has this Trend Grown?

Cold brew coffee is actually an old method of making coffee, but in the past couple years it has since accelerated. In cities like New York, and San Francisco it is what everyone has got in their cup, their attraction to coffee has spread all around the world because now everyone is sipping on cold brew coffee not even knowing it. Places like Starbucks, and Dunkin Donuts have been using this method in their own coffee brews hence why it is so expensive. Starbucks specifically has been putting it in grocery stores and restaurants. John Kell says The cold brew method is actually similar to the craft beer industry which makes for better ingredient. The amount of people drinking coffee had increased dramatically specifically with cold brew, according to Mintel from 2010-2015 cold brew grew by 338.9% the business is worth $2 Billion in the U.S. alone, Hence because it is more expensive then regular coffee.

Is it more expensive than regular coffee?

It seems that cold brew coffee is very enjoyable, and there is a lot of negative bashing of the coffee, but it is expensive unless you can afford it do you really have the money to be blowing upwards of $5 to $8 dollars everyday before you go to work on that grande (big) sized coffee at Starbucks or Caribou? Most people in fact a lot of people don’t and i’m sure most people don’t have the money to buy that, also since most people don’t even know how to make cold brew coffee. The National Coffee Association says that Cold Brew is on average $1 to $2 dollars more than a normal coffee, but this coffee has a very rich taste, and as popular as starbucks is people will pay the big bucks for it so it, but according to John Rost at consumer insights says “it’s not really the taste it’s the process which makes it more expensive, and it gives consumers another option especially during the summer time.” On the other hand it is very different than regular coffee.

Whats the difference between cold brew and regular coffee?

Cold brew coffee is about almost twice the price of iced coffee. There is a reason for why it is more expensive the taste is less watered down. “Instead of extracting the oils from coffee grounds in minutes from your handy coffee maker cold brew takes time to actually extract the coffee's natural elements making for a better tasting coffee” (Sowder). Iced coffee is just cooling coffee and pouring it over ice the longer normal coffee sits the more it becomes flat it oxidizes and loses it flavor. “Cold brew coffee is for those who plan ahead. It's a long, gradual process, that can take up to 24 hours, like making sun tea, only without the sun. The result is a very smooth, rich infusion, with low levels of acidity, which can be a relief to those with sensitive digestive systems” (Sowder). Furthermore this trend does have a bright future solely because of this.

Whats the future for this trend?

The biggest coffee chains in the world see the “cold coffee” method as one of the biggest factors in growth of sales, and they estimate that this way of making coffee won’t stop growing. Sharon Rothstein Starbucks global chief marketing officer says that they are focused on renovating everything cold coffee, the revenue of cold brew will grow by nearly half its beverage revenue in the next 5 years. The company also calculates by 2021 50% of its offerings will be cold in your cup because of the cold brew method. Customers aren’t drinking it the normal cold iced coffee way anymore the method has made over $140 million for their company, and by 2021 it will quadruple in sales says Rothstein. In conclusion, Starbucks also plans to add 12,000 stores in the next four years which will increase the need for cold brew. This is just for Starbucks cold brew it doesn't account for all the other companies that use the same exact method.

Heres a Video On Hot Vs. Cold Brew
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