The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt

The Spatial Experience

Above is a photo I captured prior to entering the theater. Image Courtesy of Danielle Little, 1/31/17 at the Constans Theatre

I had never been inside of the Constans Theatre until I went in to watch this play. I was pleasantly surprised by the aesthetic of the entire theater. I enjoyed the appearance of the lobby and even into actual theater.When I first entered the auditorium I was a little nervous because I had no idea where to sit, however a nice young woman directed us to the nearest empty seats. Thankfully I had gotten to the play a little early and was able to get an excellent seat, a few rows back and directly in front of the center of the stage; for me, my view definitely enhanced my experience. After talking a few minutes quietly with the people around me, the lights began to dim and I was anxious for the play to begin.

The Social Experience

Above is a photo of my friend and I prior to entering the auditorium. Image Courtesy of Danielle Little, 1/31/17 at Constans Theatre

I would argue that the people that we surround ourselves with completely alter the way we experience life. For example, most of the time when you think back on memories, more often than not it is less about the actual experience and more about who you were able to share that experience with. My friend and I were able to work around our schedules to find a night that we were both able to attend the play. While we were waiting for the show to start, we got to talk with some of the other students that were sitting near us. I think coming with my friend made the experience of watching the play more enjoyable as a whole. The Good Life is nothing if we are not able to share it with anyone. The people around us can make great impacts on our lives and help us to discover what our Good Life truly is.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

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A theme that I found throughout the performance was that of the discretion between people from the upper and lower classes of society. This was evident between Michaud and Talbot. Although both of these young men are equivalent in terms of how they are both entering the Seminary, it is clear that Michaud thinks lowly of Talbot and believes himself to be superior to him. This demonstrates how where we come from, in terms of where we grew up/ who are family is, actually impacts us heavily for the rest of our lives. Michaud comes from a well off family while Talbot's family is in the lower class of society, where his mom and brother are working in a factory. Michaud does not even give Talbot a chance to make a name for himself, he immediately looks down upon Talbot as a result of his judgment of him and his family. Another example is with the Boss poorly treating his factory workers. When he walks into the factory one day and complains about how poorly made his suit was, he automatically assumes that his workers will attend to his needs - as if their job is to attend to his needs and drop everything to follow his commands. This problem still exists when people believe that they are better than other people simply because of a position they hold in society. Yes, indeed some people will always hold more power compared to other, but this does not give us a right to look poorly on other people and treat them as if we are better than them.

The Emotional Experience

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The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt provided me a unique opportunity to see how unfairly some people in society are treated. While I think times have changed greatly and we are making more and more progress towards equality among all people, especially regardless of social status, it is easy to forget that some of these problems still exist despite the progress we have made. The play allowed me to have an unbiased perspective in following the lives Michaud and Talbot. I got to witness from an outsiders' perspective just exactly how real the social oppression that exists even in today's society truly is. For example, it is clear how poorly the people who are considered to be 'lowly' in society are treated in comparison to the people that are higher up on the social ladder. We as individuals must not allow ourselves to be blind to the issues that are society faces; rather we must recognize them and do our best to confront them. It was an interesting emotional experience to watch this play because as an audience member, all you can do is watch everything unfold - a sense of frustration can overcome you because you want to be able to do something to help the situation, but clearly you cannot.

Above is a photo of me as I was exiting the theater. Image Courtesy of Danielle Little, 1/31/17, Constans Theatre

Overall I had a unique experience watching this play.

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