Journalist Reading Club Role

Journal - a daily record of news and events of a personal nature; a diary.

Your Role

You are to create a journal entry for one of your characters. As it is a journal entry, remember to write in first person.

  1. As you read, stick post-it notes where you get an idea for your journal entry. This could be an event, something a character says or a type of feeling a character has. If you do this after reading time, that is fine.
  2. Create a journal entry for one of the characters in the text. See below for a list of things you could write about in a journal entry
  3. Upload your journal entry onto SeeSaw
  • The retelling of an important event
  • Describing a certain feeling the character had and why
  • Outlining something that happened and what action they will take next
  • Asking questions the character may have


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