Principles of Design

Repetition- one shape or object repeated, a combination of elements or shapes in a recurring arrangement.
Movement- the path the viewers eye takes through the art work, often a focal area.
Balance- the distribution of the visual weight of objects.
Variation- difference in size in color, quality of different forms.
Dominance- it is something we want the people to look at and make it more outstanding.
Economy- a good composition, is the most simple solution to the problem.


Created with images by new 1lluminati - "spiral tribe" • Trevor King 66 - "Trollies" • kennG - "wires white wired" • Lhopfan - "March 20 - Movement" • Dirk Wallace - "ironbark-group-icm" • ejmc - "Balanced" • Ariff Tajuddin - "Balancing" • fdecomite - "Villarceau Variations" • exfordy - "Horizon Variations" • Pixel-mixer - "gorilla ape dominant" • Pixapopz - "sea lion majestic nature" • T.Phipps Photography - "Economy Drive" • tonynetone - "China"

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