Queen City Brewery recreating the social media game


Queen City Brewery is based on Pine Street in Burlington, VT. The Brewery was founded by Paul Hale in 2012 and their social media marketing has been very underwhelming. The only active platform they use is Facebook and even that needs dire improvement Their Instagram has not been touched since August of 2016 and their Twitter is nonexistent. Queen City Brewery, though young, needs fundamental changes in their social media in order to compete with the bigger, more prominent breweries in Vermont.

Purpose: To strengthen the social media accounts of QCB.

Goal: To generate more followers, page likes and customer engagement

What you can do:

  • Follow the schedule of posts outlined below
  • Tag @queencitybrewery on Instagram and Twitter
  • Hashtag #queencitybrewery along with other secondary hashtags

Key Campaign Themes:

  • Integrate more media of the product itself but also of the environment of your brewery.
  • More pictures of ingredients being used in said products
  • Pictures of owners, staff, brew masters, and other members of the company
  • Share interesting articles and blogs relevant to your brewery
  • Promoting different platforms

Primary Handles


Primary Hashtag

#queencitybrewery -- this will be the main hashtag that you use in all of your posts on Instagram and Twitter

Secondary Hashtags

#btv #burlington #vermont #lager #beer #craftbeer #german #classic

Social Media

There are a few things you can do with your social media across the board to increase customer engagement and keep people locked in

  • Create a Twitter. The fact that this account hasn't already been established is worrisome. Regardless of Twitter's popularity, it is an avenue of marketing that needs to be tapped into.
  • Tone. Fixing the tone of the company to something that is unique and stylistic. Your competitors in the Burlington area have gone the route of being goofy or casual. I think taking a more classic approach to social media would be in your best interest. Having a more rustic, nostalgic feel. After all, that's what the product your selling is like.
  • Give your other social media accounts shoutouts to draw fans to different platforms. For instance, make sure Twitter handles all of your breaking news first to give people incentive to check there. Make Facebook where you share your events first and write blogs. Instagram should be where all the photos go, some of which are not to be shared by Twitter or Facebook.
  • Tag other people/companies in your posts. I can't stress this enough. Networking is the best thing you can do to succeed and that means tagging others. Not only will they see it and appreciate it but their fans will see it as well.
  • Interactivity must occur. Respond to your customers comments, posts and messages as often and as quickly as possible. This makes the company look like it cares genuinely about what its supporters have to say. Short, quick sentences are best unless someone asks a larger questions that requires more in depth answers. You can also invite them to message your inbox if you feel the conversation should be more private.

Section 1: Twitter

The first step we need to take care of is creating a Twitter account. I was thinking the same handle as Instagram would suffice (@queencitybrewery.com). This will increase the amount of eyes on your product naturally and should be fostered just as much as Facebook and Instagram. There are a few things we can do with Twitter:

Posting Times: at least once a day. Twitter is one of the few social media platforms where posting more is completely appropriate. People use Twitter primarily for breaking news information and therefore it should be used to be on top of live information.

Content: Twitter should primarily be used to break company news. Whenever there is an event or a new beer that has come out, Twitter should be the first platform used to break said news. Incorporate images into Twitter to supplement your tweets. Also you should occasionally make links back to your website where people can go to buy products or seek more information.

Hashtags: The primary hashtag you should be using is #queencitybrewery. This should be used in every post unless you deem it inappropriate. See secondary hashtags above to see what else you can tag. The more hashtags, the more exposure you will get, but never hashtag more than twice per post.

Retweets: Scroll through Twitter and search for people who have tagged or hashtagged you and retweet their posts. Be sure to see if the posts are actually appropriate to share. Also, scroll through other breweries or beer organizations and find quotes, pictures or links that are particularly helpful and relevant to your company and retweet them. Informing your audience is extremely important.

Section 2: Instagram

Background: Instagram is an app that is thriving more than ever with its recent introduction of stories, slideshows and elongated videos. This medium has got to be utilized to its full potential. Like Twitter, Instagram is based on followers and lives in the hashtag realm, which is crucial for success.

Posting Times: There should be 2-5 Instagram posts a week depending on the content coming in. The best times to post to Instagram are Saturday during the day and on any holiday where people are posting pictures (think Christmas, Valentine's Day, Superbowl, etc.). Always post midday to attract the most amount of views. 1 pm is a great time.

Content: On Instagram, you should have an assortment of different content. The product is the most important, first and foremost. Quality pictures of beer with minimal filters are the most important thing you should post. Event flyers are also very important so you can promote specials at the brewery or local bars. Another important thing to post is ingredients and environmental shots. Pictures and videos of the brewery and the ingredients going into the product attract people's attention. Lastly, some of the content needs to have people. Humans recognize and can relate to other humans, so having people in the photos occasionally will get more likes.

Hashtags: With Instagram, you have more liberty to use hashtags, but you still don't want to go overboard and look desperate. 3-7 hashtags per post is plenty and will do the job of getting your photo seen by complete strangers. That being said, you want to give your post a mix of unique hashtags (#queencitybrewery) and more basic, searchable hashtags (#beer, #vermont).

Captions: Because we decided to go with rustic tone, keep the captions colorful but also stoic. Imagine an old German man selling his unique lager. What would he sound writing it? Cool, serious and descriptive. Make captions as long and descriptive as you want.

Promotional Ideas: One idea you could consider is to get people using the hashtag #queencitybrewery by getting people to post their own pictures of beer using the hashtag. Maybe it has to be the most interesting glass or mug. Either way, you judge at the end of the week and give a free beer or gift card to the person who won the contest. This sort of fun engagement will get people

Section 3: Facebook

Facebook is the number one platform for businesses and has the highest amount of active members out of any other social media platform. It is imperative that Facebook is given the highest priority of all the platforms as it has the most direct business-consumer relationship. It is so important that this platform is taken the most seriously.

Posting Times: In my experience, 3-5 times a week is plenty unless you are having an unusually eventful week. Posting at 7pm will be the most effective, since your demographic will be returning home from work around 5 and will be active on social media, maybe even drinking a cold beer.

Content: You'll want to be posting lots of pictures and video. People respond best to visuals, so posting quality content is key. Long descriptive posts to introduce new products will be important as well. Share lots of external articles, but be sure to tag the source if possible. Tagging means more eyes on your posts. This is a great forum to create events and share events to get more people to come out and see what your company is about.

Promotional Ideas: For Facebook, it's almost necessary to sponsor content if you want to make it anywhere as a business. It'll create some water weight, which you'll need as an upcoming business. Once you gain a bigger following then you'll be able to tap into more organic growth. Find a solid post to sponsor: either a big event, a new product or a video explaining the page itself.

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