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This is a collection of the projects required in a photoshop course offered though Coastline Community College and taught by Professor Angela Gomez-Holbrook. I took a lot away from this course and am looking forward to applying my newly gained knowledge and skills to my own work. All images were used for student purposes only.

This is the first project. Layers, tools, and effects, oh my!
This was a project in which we were to edit and improve photos for a restaurant menu. It was great for me as food photos are mostly what I am interested in.
These two were more photo editing. The picture of Norway on the right is MUCH improved from the original. I took away a lot of good tips and tools to use for this.
This is a movie poster that we created using files provided. Lots of info on layers and masking here!!
This is another movie poster that we created however, more simple and from scratch.
This was the mid term. We created posters based on criteria given to us.
Text Effect Project! Love Temecula!
The tools I used in these postcards are really going to help me create my own in the future! I'm really looking forward to it.
Just a little blur effect project
The collage project was fun because I was able to use all my own food photos!
Had do choose a celebrity to transform into pop art. Who else would I choose?! Definitely should have put some more gray streaks in that hair of his.
Not too proud of this project. The assignment was to create a poster about graphic design along with job requirements and a date and time, but still use the celebrity pop art. Couldn't really wrap my head around it, but still created my first poster while learning a few things.
A little portrait text effect. The photo was a bit dark so it was difficult to make the wording frame his face.
The final project! I think it is definitely an upgrade from my first full-page project. I feel like I am ready to start working on my own flyers, posters, and cards now. Practice practice practice!
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