Kid X Music video treatment

This music video is about kid x gathering up a team to do a huge club heist. The team consisting of the Decoy (hot female celeb) the mastermind (this is Kid X), the driver, the muscle, the shooter, the nerd.

We see him gather the team oceans 11 style, and they all meet at a dingy warehouse driving old school Mazda 323 cars. Kid X lays out the plan for the team as they gather in the warehouse. as he points at each player around the table, we cut to the actual heist taking place while they are doing their part.

The plan is to burst into the club with guns in the air, and start by telling everyone to keep dancing and the Dj to keep playing the music. They steal door and till money, as well as all the champagne they can hold. this is all a decoy for Kid X and the hot celeb female to head upstairs and retrieve a statue out of the club owners Safe. The decoy team gets caught by the club owner and his bouncers after a short car chase. They recover the money and let the team go - the team later all meets and we reveal the statue and how they stole it by slipping it in the Dj's bag who was always part of the plan.

The video ends as the team toasts to a successful heist. through out the whole video we stylistically exclude performance scenes with Kid X and only stick to visuals of the action taking place.

......the end

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