Hills on Mountains by Molly bourke

What does it take to be a snowboarder?

The better question is, what does it take to be a female snowboarder? You would think it would be the same. I found that it really wasn’t. Of course you need the basics of knowing how to actually get down the mountain, but you don’t know that you need patience and time when you're a snowboarder.

If you don’t know, it’s so much different from skiing. The first time you learn, you want to quit. I struggled of finding people who would put in the time to attempt to teach you. These people, my true friends, helped me with the problem at hand.

Alex, Sandy, Mary, and I on a lift

Last year, I first learned how to snowboard. My friend Alex and I took lessons, and we were extremely confused. Many of my friends could help Alex because she skied, but no one could help me. People tried giving me advice and I still look back on it to this day because it was such a desperate struggle. When I came back next week, I made up my own style of riding. The instructor tried to get me on the same terms as her. When I went on my first chairlift ride, I was terrified but hoped it would again, come naturally like you would hope it would.

But no, the style I made up was bound for disasters, falling in every direction you could think of. The my friend was never there to help me. I never skied with the girl, although we were best friends. I always wondered why she wouldn’t come ski with me. I went for weeks asking this question to myself till the lessons had stopped because we ended up having to reschedule half of the trips.

My neighbor and I Skiing For my Birthday

I resorted to Youtube, where I discovered the amazing flips and tricks you could do. After I got the hang of snowboarding last year, we started skiing a together but then the girl stopped going. I had made new friends, Mary and Sandy, and they waited for me at the start and helped me out if I had a hard fall. The girl and I did ski club again this year. I was so excited to ski with her but I really shouldn't've been.

She bullied me and left me hanging out by myself. The girl even babied me as if I was a beginner. I told her I wasn’t a baby. When I was in trouble it would always be Sandy, Mary, and Alex that would help me. She underestimated me and I hated her for it. I was done with her. We were on the bus to Wachusetts, the skiing mountain, and she started punching me; hard. I asked her to stop punching me, and with a sassy attitude she told me “It's a joke.”

I have a high patience level with people who hurt me, but the girl blew it. Our whole friendship was sinking faster than the Titanic. I was outraged from all the things she did to me. I stopped sitting with her at lunch and started to stand up for myself. She was clueless about my thoughts because she is known for ruining lives. I could not take much more of this. I couldn’t keep putting my best friends in my shoes because it will only make everything worse. She was our mean stepsister from Cinderella. I felt I needed a change from being pushed around by her.

The day she skied with someone else was a terrorization for that person but, Sandy, Mary, Alex, and I sang out with glee on the chairlift for our victory. She seemed somewhat clueless about what she does to destroy our confidence. She may seem nice at first but she is just misjudged.

The devil hiding inside is a insane monster. We are not friends. I’ve traveled down the mountain lonely before, and I’m not going to be the one sobbing.

Our hills on our mountain have made me see the better things in life. My true friends treated me better. To this day I still am trying to stand up for my beliefs, as she tore me to ruins before. She put me in a strict relationship where only we were allowed to hang out, and I couldn’t hang out with my other friends. I am a survivor of the hills on mountains and the infamous falls I take on the mountain; except the metaphorical one, like this. Every time I go skiing I had the same problem. I look back on what the girl did to deprive me. I learned that mountains are better when they are shared with the right people.

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Molly Bourke



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