Nazis and ISIS By: Nikayla haynes

An interviewer named Lara Logan met up with the Catholic priest Father Patrick Desbois in Eastern Europe to discuss the massive genocide of Jews from the Holocaust. Father Patrick is determined for all new generations to remember those who have lost their lives during this horrible time in history. They visited Nazi killing grounds where squads murdered millions. Although, many documents have been recorded the priest feels the need to teach more of what has happened, he says its a great responsibility.

Desbois is the founder of the French organization known as Yahad-in unum. In 2002, these groups helped discover multiple burial graves in Moldova. Most of his investigations were based off of witnesses and now survivors whose are now elders of their towns. As children the towns people witnessed the huge killing squad eliminate the pwoplw of their town, from these memories the elders were capable of showing Desbois the exact fields in which these events occurred. The teams would often find jewelry and watches that were left behind.

Logan asked the Catholic priest why he still cared about what had happened? His response told him that sadly there are still events happening like this. It happened in the past and sadly they seem to be apart of our future. Another great quote the priest said " genocide seems to be a sickness that flows from one generation to the nest." Take ISIS for example, they are murdering millions upon millions today yet people seem to do nothing."

Just like the children who watched from the windows of houses of those being slaughtered back then, today ISIS uses the internet to connect all of us to the pure hatred that seems to engulf these countries. Desbois says it may not be the same ideology but it grows from the same sickness. As they passed through Holocaust sites he says prayers honoring those who had died. Telling them that one of them has in fact returned back to such a horrible land. His mother was intact a survivor who was rescued by kinder transport when she was younger. " My mother would be very proud of me" Father told the interview and for her bravery I am here talking to you.


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