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The weather in Norway would vary to different stages. My favorite season was winter. This is because the snow is so thick, and it is fun to play in. However, from the middle of November until the end of January, the sun does not rise at all in parts of Northern Norway, north of the Arctic Circle.
Another nice season is spring. However, in the Southern Norway spring arrives earlier than everywhere else, usually sometime in April. However arctic Norway may not experience true spring until late May or early June.
Norway severe weather

On the map above, you can see all the parts of Norway which suffer from severe weather. For example;gale/storm, heavy rain, heavy snow, thunderstorm or freezing rain are imminent.

This is a video of some people talking Norwegian. They show you different conversations. It is spoken 4 million people in Norway, and a further million in other Scandinavian countries; and North America.

Reading Norwegian is a lot like reading English. You will be surprised to find out that reading Norwegian is a lot like reading English, this is because of all the congrats. Some words are exactly alike... such as; bank, over and problem.

Facts about Norway

Norway’s formal name is Kongeriket Norge (Kingdom of Norway).

Norway is the worlds largest exporter of salmon

Norway was originally called Nordweg, meaning the “Northern Way.

For more than 40 years, Norway's official national dish is Fårikål, this is a humble pottage of boiled lamb and cabbage.

Norway knighted a penguin in 2008

There is a town in Norway called Hell


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