Just a Party? By: grace Yoon

“I am so excited!” I said as I jumped onto my bed. “Same! What did you get her for her birthday?” Candice says. “You have to wait and see.”
It is a another normal March day. Nice and sunny, with the perfect spring breeze. Later, going to a hotel in downtown Chicago, the most expensive room money could buy for one night. With a huge pool, a gorgeous view of the city from the window. Caroline comes and picks up Candice and I from my house.
5 best friends. Elena, Caroline, Kayla, Candice and I. We've been friends for three years and we would always celebrate holidays and birthdays with each other. Each of us has different personalities and traits. Caroline is the funny prankster, Elena is the bubbly fun one, Kayla is the girl who was always brought the party with her. Candice is the shy girl who was always supportive, and I was known as just the nice girl with a full caring spirit.
Today is a big day. It's Caroline's 13th birthday! She is taking us to downtown Chicago for a night to spend. We are all in the car headed there and everyone is all smiles. We are in the car jamming out to songs.
Everyone is looking forward to tonight and spoiling Caroline with a bunch of presents. We got her so many presents it would take her years to open. Some we got independently and some we got together as a group. All we wanted to do was make Caroline happy for her birthday.
It only takes us about 45 minutes to get there so we are already here! First we settle into our hotel room. It is so gorgeous. It has windows the size of Jupiter looking out into all of the city lights. The rooms are so big you could fit an elephant in. The people there are so nice and everything is perfect. We then take the elevator down and start our shopping, movie, and food.
Horror movies are definitely our guilty pleasure. Ouija board. We watch it. It was so so good. And a little scary. Hopefully I don't get any nightmares tonight.
Then, we go and eat dinner at the Willis tower. The food is so good. Everything is going great. Then we start our shopping adventure. It is just a full day of being spoiled. Spending money on clothes, lots of pictures from photo booths, and candy from the sugar factory. Today couldn't be going any better.
We go back to the hotel after our long day of hard work and we decide to let things loose and go to the pool. We didn't tell Caroline’s mom because it is so late at night. The hotel pool is a scenery. There are so many huge windows showing the view of the city. After about an hour at the hotel pool, we go back upstairs.
We take the elevator. We’re on our way up. I click 5 for the fifth floor. And wait.
It has been about 3 minutes and it didn't take us that long when we went down to go shop. “What is happening?” I thought to myself. Hopefully we will get up to our room quickly because I am exhausted. All of us are very tired and we are all leaning on some part of the elevator.
Our legs got a workout like an Olympian from all of our walking. All of us are too drowsy and tired to think. It is midnight and the only one awake and alive is Kayla. The party girl. It has been 10 minutes. Something is wrong. It doesn't take 10 minutes for us to go up 5 floors.
I start to gather my thoughts and start to get up feeling skeptical. My closest friend out of this group is Candice. I nudge her so I can talk to her about what is going on. Everyone is practically sleeping at this point. I, on the other hand am freaking out. I tell Candice that we have been on this elevator for 10 minutes and it is now 12:15 am. And we are practically stuck in this elevator.
Candice is the one who gets major anxiety over these things. I remember one time when she was so scared being left home alone that I had to come and stay for the night. It is probably a bad idea that I am telling all of this stuff to her but she is my closest friend out of everyone. She is half asleep so she didn't understand everything I was saying and her reaction is not what I expected. Candice actually wanted to try to help get us out.
Then. Blackout. We wake up still in the elevator. Everyone is on top of each other laying on the ground. What happened yesterday? Why are we in an elevator? All of the girls are murmuring the same thing. Then we hear a ding.
“Girls what are you guys doing here. And where have you been all night?”
“Um… we were just stuck in the elevator.” “Well, let’s have you girls warm up and change and then maybe we can go to the pool!” All of us look at each other, “I think we are all good. “

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